The Book of Revelation: Wrong Perceptions Always Produce False Assumptions

The Book of Revelation: Wrong Perceptions Always Produce False Assumptions

Numerous individuals believe that the book of Revelation is about what’s to come. It isn’t. This is feeling that produces blunder, and makes us miss a portion of the more noteworthy facts in the book. Disclosure is really around three things that you will find out about, and not only one thing that all the end-time masters guarantee that it is about.

When the Apostle John composed Revelation, in the event that it was about the future, as numerous modern analysts state, for what reason was there anything pressing, or even important about this book almost 2,000 years prior? On the off chance that it’s truly about our thermo-atomic present reality, and the ECC, and the ascent of an indicated individual we call ‘the antichrist,’ and a last Battle of Armageddon where Jesus is said to crush Satan, does it truly have anything at all to do with seven holy places to whom it was sent (aside from possibly the initial two sections)?


On the off chance that the book of commentary on revelation 16 was not really for the 7 houses of worship, and the individuals of the main century, God had an obligation to disclose to them this noisy and clear.

Books of the Bible were composed for the individuals living when they were composed. This is valid for the set of experiences books, the law, the songs and adages, and even the majority of the prophets. Indeed, they are for us as well!! In any case, we read over the people groups’ shoulders to whom they were composed.

There were times prophets offered expressions about a future occasion. However, when they did, God made it clear to them.Daniel was told, “Turn out well for you Daniel, these words are disguised and fixed up until the end time” (Dan 12:9). God made it absolutely obvious to Daniel that the prescience he got was not implied for his day and time.


Most Bible perusers commit an error by seeing the Bible separated into three unmistakable parts:

(1) the Old Testament,

(2) the New Testament, and

(3) Revelation: the future end times.

Be that as it may, is the book of Revelation just about what’s to come? In my psyche, I consider this to be being mistake. Disclosure is a life account considerably more than it is a forecast of some future occasion or occasions.


Our hardest occupation is to know Jesus by and by. This is the reason such a lot of accentuation is set on it. We know a great deal about Jesus, and things he did, and things he stated, and stories he told. We think about his life, torturous killing, restoration and climb.

I can reveal to you things about President Barack Obama, yet I don’t have any acquaintance with him. It’s the equivalent with Jesus. Because I think about Jesus doesn’t mean I know him.

This is in what way numerous Bible educators and reporters see the book of Revelation. They see it being a piece of the existence of Jesus: what is called his future second coming. They approach it as a prescience – a sort of ‘future history’ about Jesus.

To them, it’s not actually a book about Jesus, but rather a book about an occasion in Jesus’ life. Indeed, end time aficionados state that the book is truly not even about Jesus generally. All things being equal, they state that the majority of the book is about things that occur before his return.


They say it’s substantially more regarding the ANTI-Christ than about the CHRIST. They say it’s regarding insects and monsters, and Puff the Magic Dragon, and hail, and fire, and devils, and all the other things that goes ‘knock in the evening.’

I find such a lot of that is said today regarding the coming end times as resembling a Disneyland dream. Furthermore, the dream keeps on changing in characters and happenings from decade to decade. The Antichrist used to be viewed as Mussolini (which was long after Caesar). At that point he was supposed to be Hitler… at that point Ronald Reagan… also, even Henry Kissinger. Today, some extraordinary groups state he is Barack Obama. Offer me a reprieve!

My #1 illustration of this is as yet around 1988: “88 reasons Jesus is returning 1988.” And there have been in any event 20 other ‘dream hypotheses’ from that point forward.


I allude to Revelation as the self-portrayal of Jesus Christ. The absolute first expressions of the book say, “The disclosure of Jesus Christ.”

We’re informed that an individual heavenly attendant of Jesus uncovered this to John, and the holy messenger got his message from Jesus, similarly as Jesus says he just talked what he heard his Father say. This book is both (1) uncovered by Jesus, and (2) it is about Jesus. He is both the revealer, and the one being uncovered.

What is the disclosure of an individual? On the off chance that the individual is composing it about himself, it is a collection of memoirs. Numerous individuals compose through a secretary, and that is the circumstance here: John resembled a secretary recording what he was being told, and what he saw. The remainder of the New Testament is a memoir, history or discourse about Jesus, yet in being just words, a few of us frequently miss things. This disclosure of Jesus is the thing that I call…

‘The Autobiography of Jesus Christ’

(in realistic picture structure so we remember it).

Yet, in the event that we just consider it to be the future, we miss the entire thing!

Current end time evangelists don’t see this. What they state Revelation is about is ‘a timeframe’ in the existence of Jesus: i.e., the future end times, or his subsequent coming. Once more, their accentuation isn’t actually Jesus, yet generally about the Antichrist, the sinister trinity, judgment, Armageddon, and so on

This isn’t what Revelation professes to be in its own words! This disclosure uncovers a PERSON,not simply a PERIOD of time in the existence of this individual, as end time devotees state.

On the off chance that I compose my personal history, it will be about me, and about my life as a rule. It won’t just be around one unique time in my life (e.g., an excursion I took). This is a similar way we should see Revelation – it is about the Person of Jesus. It isn’t around one specific occasion, or timeframe in the existence of Jesus – i.e., the time not long before his subsequent coming.


The book of Revelation itself says it is around THREE things. It isn’t just about the ONE thing that all end time Bible aficionados state it is about.

Disclosure 1:19 says it is around three separate things:

(1) things John had just seen during his 3-1/2 years with Jesus,

(2) things that were occurring in the general time period he composed (extreme mistreatment, Jerusalem’s breakdown, the demolition of the sanctuary, and so forth), and

(3) things that would in any case stay to occur later on.


Try not to miss this! Part of the book of Revelation is about what’s to come.

In any case, the book of Revelation isn’t just about what’s to come! Indeed, as far as I can tell, it is significantly LESS about the future than current ministers state it is – in their famous book-selling, show pressing, dream creating endeavors. Everybody realizes fiction sells in a way that is better than realities.


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