An Enigma Called Charriol

Established in the year 1983 by Philippe Charriol, the company Charriol is a Swiss watch manufacturing company that also deals in jewelries and different accessories. Over the years it has spread across different continents in order to be easily available to its wide client base. Currently their products are distributed through a global network of 3,000 retailers and 99 boutiques besides 485 corners. The founder Philippe Charriol is an ardent lover of art and history as such his company’s time pieces are also influenced by the art and technology culture. His first collection namely the Celtic Collection which he launched in 1983 was an instant hit because this collection was the first ever collection of time pieces to use gold as well as steel cable as a watch bracelet to lend the time pieces a decorative and appealing feel and look. They have patented this design and they still hold worldwide rights over it.

Some of their popular collection includes:

•the Actor
•Rotonde by Charriol
•Saint Tropez
•And Parisii – Charriol’s latest collection.

The Parisii collection of SEO agency watches is one of their most sought after time pieces because of its steel rope design that is highly inspired and influenced by the cultural relic of the Celt Civilization that existed some two thousand years ago. The collection’s name is derived from the name of a Celt who named his residence Parisii.

This ever charming collection has time pieces for both men and women with a 42mm dial in case of men’s watches and 33mm dial in case of the ladies collection. These time pieces have high quality bezel made of stainless steel which is further encircled by the steel rope. Not only this bezel has two rows of diamonds encrusted on it to give it a dazzling and sparkling appearance that is supported by a white mother of pearl dial. The overall look and finish is elegant, royal and very stylish. Charriol also provides stainless steel bracelet as well as leather straps so that if you wish you can change the existing bracelet with any one of these in case of regular wear.

In order to ensure durability and high performance these time pieces also comes in the ceramic style so that one can wear them on a regular basis without the fear of damaging the watch. These time pieces are an epitome of beauty and luxury and definitely it is a collector’s item. No matter where you wear it, whether it is a marriage ceremony, a party or a night out you can be rest assured that you will be a head turner and definitely the centre of attraction.


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