Like most astronomers before him, Ptolemy believed the Sun, Moon, and other planets circled the Earth. He thought that each space body moved in a small circle (an epicycle) that was itself orbiting Earth.

Are you drinking wine?

Olof went without lunch because he didn't have enough time to eat.

The cats are curious about the red dot on the wall.

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Twenty thousand yen, please.


Who else might it have been?

In the last analysis, methods don't educate children; people do.

She said no.

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Was she really boring?

I honestly really like it here.

Have you ever heard of a man named Dale Jackson?

Have your friends deserted you?

I work in the Boutique of my friend.


I want to see what's happening.

Which floor does he live on?

He prepared carefully for the meeting.

That's not possible anymore.

She has got a book.

Your English is flawless.

At first, I couldn't see anything.

Hume is looking for his keys.

There's not much I can do for you.


We want you to marry Wayne.

His father won't come, he's very busy.

I'm not going to go to Novorolsky's party.


What is it you hope to buy?


I frequently talk to her.

You'll be in my heart today and always.

I don't think even Tuna could do that.


Do you have any concerns?

The legendary footballer Diego Armando Maradona is from Argentina.

No one has the right to treat you like this.

People who wait on you here are very friendly.

Sit down for a second.

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I don't think I've ever been here before.

She went to school in spite of the pain in her leg.

The designs are very symmetrical.

Craig jumped off the diving board.

Everyone around here likes Derek.

I need it.

I'll solve that problem.

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Barbra sent Damon some flowers.

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I need to study many languages and I love it.

Did you enjoy yourself at the theater?

We can't just leave Lorraine here alone.

Hughes always carries a gun.

Emily started walking down the stairs.

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I don't burden my memory with details that can be found in the dictionary.

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The audience shouted "Bravo!" for at least a full minute.


I will not be able to fit in with the city life.


Nobody likes being laughed at.

We have to talk to her.

Isabelle looked through the menu.

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I just wanted to take care of you.

What exactly did Courtney tell you?

Mariko speaks English excellently.

Can you please tell me how I can get to the beach?

Don't call me again.


A leaf is falling.

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I know that you and Mah snuck away from school yesterday.

You never heard me say that.

I am on our high school soccer team.


Luis certainly worked hard yesterday.


Don't tell me you care.

This is not theirs.

Am I supposed to be doing something else now?

It was nice chatting with you.

Mac was caught cheating on a test.


It's just time for children to go to bed.


Antonella met Reinhard at a dinner party.

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I want to become a diplomat.


They forced her to confess.


"Today my mother died." That's how the book The Stranger, by Albert Camus, begins.


Raphael was impressed with Andy's effort.

He seems young, but he's actually over 40 years old.

I'd like to meet her.

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Give me a little.

I suspect Eldad to follow my doings.

Winnie kept good notes.


I'll kill them all.


I need to know what you plan to do.

Now I am hungry.

When have you ever done anything for me?

The letter is being written at this very minute.

He has a good brain.


You're feeling better, aren't you?

They're awfully close.

Never tell a lie!


Our cat fought with someone's else's cat.


I'm all shook up!


Do you have to do it now?

This novel is interesting for its village language.

Tatoeba is a dictionary.

You are incomparable.

A female beggar was begging with five or six children following along.


They're aware of it.


I don't know how to type an inverted question mark using this keyboard.


I can only guess that you probably want one, too.

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Meg attends many school affairs.

Jayant is a yodeler.

I cannot light this candle. It's wet.


I can't stand those kinds of people.

Izumi removed the band from her ponytail and allowed her hair to fall loosely about her neck.

Leung loves sunsets.

Milk boils at a higher temperature than water.

His father brought him up to be a doctor.

Norman's plan worked brilliantly.

I will go there in place of you.

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I have just one small question.

I stayed behind to help them.

She's a tough one.


He went to art school to study painting and sculpture.


There's no reason for me to stay.


Curt will do anything for money.


I am making too many mistakes.

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She made my life miserable.

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What is it that makes you think that way?


After I accumulated five years of seniority, I was promoted.

How did the audition go?

He is three years younger than dad.


I was just wondering.

We need a medical team here!

Tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Be respectful.

Harmon might know that we're here.

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She has done him many kindnesses.


You can have it.


Don't let Glynn know about this.

That must be so.

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?


Siegurd certainly doesn't get along very well with Sally.

That may prove to be difficult.

Newspapers and television stations around the world told the story of Koko and her kitten.


Sorry, I can't do that.

We're giving a dinner for Michael.

I have a lot to learn from you.

When we saw what was happening there, we decided to leave.

Lemon tea without sugar, please.

They rented an apartment.

You can depend on his help.

We have him!

Where's your date tonight?


The policeman blamed the taxi driver for the accident.

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Loren gave Emil something to read.

She accompanied her words with gestures.

I have been there scores of times.