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Today is Monday, November 19, 2018

Registration, Sponsor and Team Forms

Anyone who wants to sponsor a Pilgrim for an Emmaus Walk or a Caterpillar for a Chryslais Flight needs to fill out forms to be sent to the respective Registrar. Here is a link to the Registration forms.

You can now register your Pilgrim or Caterpillar online.
Here is a link to the
Online Walk Registration form.
(202) 280-5933.

Similarly, if you would like to serve on Team for either an Emmaus Walk or a Chrysalis Flight, you must submit a YES! sheet to the community Database Administrator. Here is a link to the YES! sheets.

2015 Walks and Flights

Here are the Upcoming Walks and Flights that are scheduled.

Men's Walk #235
October 1-4, 2015
Epworth Forest
Prayer Vigil

(989) 288-9389
October 8-11, 2015
Epworth Forest
Prayer Vigil

(639) 886-7801
November 27-29, 2015
Epworth Forest

Girl's Flight #80
November 27-29, 2015
Epworth Forest
Prayer Vigil

All scheduled Walks can be found here.

All Scheduled Flights can be found here.

If you're interested in sponsoring a Pilgrim or Caterpillar, follow this 608-807-9700 to the registration and sponsor forms.

Big House

Big House is an on-site prayer house available during Chrysalis Flights. The goal is to have youth and adults praying round the clock for the caterpillars (males for the girls flight and females for the boys flight) in a cabin at Epworth Forest. For more details on Big House check out this document. Big House Info If you are willing to help with Big House or have questions contact Kelly Walton

Board Members & Community Input Needed!

The Board is considering possible locations for future Walks and Flights starting in 2016. Our 3 year commitment with Epworth ends in 2015 and the Board felt this is time to consider other locations before renewing another extended term with Epworth.

We are taking into consideration of relocating to other sites due to feedback from the Community regarding the deteriorating conditions and size of some of the buildings at Epworth. Also, buildings that we have used as a standard in the past at Epworth have been booked by other residents prior to our Walks/Flights making it difficult for teams to plan for the weekends.

Although, there are new cabins at Epworth, they are not large enough to house all the pilgrims/caterpillars. It was suggested we ask Epworth about the possibility of using the hotel and determining the cost of this option.

Below is a condensed review of other locations that have been researched by some of the board members.

Oakwood (Syracuse) is now privately owned and is a resort.

Geneva Center (Rochester) Geneva Center staff must do all the food preparation making use of this location more costly.

Rainbow Christian (Converse) too small to accommodate team and pilgrims/caterpillars.

Sangralea Valley (Walton) also small and the cabins house most of the bathrooms and showers which are only useable in the summer months.

United Methodist Church (Ligonier) need to rent or purchase cots, limited showers and will need to clean up and relocate from most areas prior to their Sunday morning services.

St Luke’s (Kokomo) need to rent or purchase cots and portable showers will need to be brought in until the church installs permanent shower facilities.

Bear Lake Camp (Albion) a little more expensive than Epworth but has large industrial size kitchen with commercial appliances, 5 large cabins that can accommodate 20 people with 8 showers in each cabin. When this site is reserved we will have exclusive access to the entire site and so there will be enough room for Big House visitors. The Board will attempt to visit Bear Lake in the next month or so.

The Board also addressed positions needing to be filled in 2016. There will be 4 positions open at the end of 2015 as several board members will complete their 3 year term. The board has been forward thinking and most positions already have a line of succession in place.

However, one of those board positions needing to be filled is the Community Spiritual Director and does not have anyone in succession. Our current Spiritual Director Rev. Kevin Marsh said he will continue to assist and give guidance to whoever fills his current position. NOTE-the Community Spiritual Director is an absolutely necessary Board position and must be filled by someone who is an ordained clergy.
So, Community, these are the important items the Board is seeking input, advice and suggestions from the Community…

  • Other possible locations for Walks/Flights or input regarding the sites that have already been researched
  • Suggestions for possible locations or portable options for storage of our Emmaus and Chrysalis items needed for Walks and Flights

  • Community members who have the heart and love for Emmaus to serve on the Board for a 3 year term

  • Clergy who have the heart and love for Emmaus to serve in the positions of Community Spiritual Director and Community Assistant Spiritual Director.

The Board welcomes your comments, so please contact our Community Lay Director, Joey Pease at or Community Assistant Lay Director, Jeff Scheidell, (419) 530-7025 with your comments or please feel free to attend our next board meeting, July 13th at Walnut Creek United Methodist Church, Warsaw, Indiana at 7:00 p.m.

Community Assistant Spiritual Director Needed

The Emmaus Board is looking for a Community Assistant Spiritual Director. If you are a clergy and willing to serve in this capacity contact 7066962227for more information on serving on the board and to get signed up.

Upcoming Gatherings

Gatherings at McGrawsville UMC (9377 S. 300 E. Amboy, IN.), in southern Miami County on September 25 and December 11 from 6-8. Bring snacks. Contact Julie Worland if you can help with music or give a witness. Her email:

Chrysalis Events

Steering Committee Meeting
will be Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 4:00pm at the Plymouth Hacienda (2862 Miller Drive, Plymouth, IN 46563;

Beach Day Rush

Join us for a fun day at Dunes State Park beach in Valparaiso, IN on Friday July 17, 2015.

We'll meet up at 1pm Central/2pm Eastern time at location yet to be determined and carpool over to the beach.

We'll meet up at a location yet to be determined in Valparaiso, IN and carpool over to the beach. Please bring a couple of dollars to help pay for parking. We are not planning on providing food, so be sure to bring snacks and either dinner, or money for dinner! Don't forget your sunscreen and whatever else you need for hours of fun in the sun! ***This event is weather permitting, so be sure to check this page if the weather looks iffy!!!***

Contact Jon Kauffman or Amy Smith for additional details.

NIEC Board Meetings

The next board meeting will be July 13, 2015 at 7:00 pm - Walnut Creek UMC - 2033 South 150 West - Warsaw, Indiana 46580. All are welcome.

NIEC on Facebook

Be sure to come and like our North Indiana Emmaus Community Facebook page and our North Indiana Chrysalis Facebook page.

Crowing Creations via Email

The Community is currently sending the Crowing Creations Newsletter by way of email. If you would to be added to the distribution list, please email Linda Hyndman.

Registration Reminders

All Registrations need to be sent to the appropriate Registrar. Emmaus Walk registrations go to Amber Edmondson. Chrysalis Flight registrations go to 440-743-2258.

Registrations cannot be faxed, but must be accompanied by a check for the Deposit, which is half of the total cost of the Walk or Flight.

Registrations must be received by the cutoff date for each walk, which is determined by the NIEC Board of Directors.

View Prayer Requests

Prayer is the lifeline of the Emmaus Community. We envelope each other and the Body of Christ in prayer, as instructed by Jesus Christ. Click here to view community prayer requests.

Submit your Yes! Form Online!

You can now submit your Yes! form right here from the NIEC Website. We need to hear from you if you want to serve on an Emmaus or Chrysalis team!

If you are a lay person, click here to submit your Yes! Form...

If you are a clergy, click here to submit your Yes! Form...

101 Agape Ideas

Quick, easy, and inexpensive agape ideas . . . from The Upper Room Discussion Group. (more . . .)


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