Diversity Pays showcases, with new and urgent data, the powerful ways diversity and inclusion drive competitive strength and boosts the bottom line.

It is essential, now more than ever, to lift up and preserve the rich tapestry of diversity that drives global success and innovation.
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Research shows precisely how diversity unlocks innovation and drives growth. When leaders embody diversity and their leadership culture embraces diversity, they create a "speak-up culture" that harnesses "point-of pain" insights to meet the needs of under-served demographic—a dynamic that exerts a measurable impact on the bottom line.
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The Power of Diversity

Diversity Dialogue


"Growing up in a blue-collar coal mining community, I spoke English with a thick, working-class Welsh accent—a huge handicap as I struggled to make it in class conscious Britain. Every time I opened my mouth I felt that I let myself down. So... I started listening to the BBC World Service, teaching myself to speak in modulated, neutral tones—and fixing my grammar. It paid off... in good and painful ways. On the job I did learn to command the room and project my value. At home, my family was bewildered and hurt. Why did I have to change the way I spoke? Was I ashamed of them?

This experience of the being "the other"—the person who is not heard and not valued, gave me a piece of the empathy and passion that has driven my research on D&I."

Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Center for Talent Innovation

"I am fortunate to work for an extraordinary global services company for which diversity and inclusion are fundamental to who we are and what we do: we believe that diversity makes us smarter and more innovative.

To this end, Accenture has led the way in transparency and accountability as the first major professional services firm to publish the demographic breakdown of our U.S. based employees. More recently, we announced a pledge and a plan to reach full gender balance by 2025. However the data - what we do - only tells part of the story. As a member of the global human resources leadership team, I come to work every day committed to helping our 411,000 employees succeed both professionally and personally, and a big part of that is connecting with people to create an inclusive culture where each person feels like he or she belongs. We decided to create an internal video to explore the question of inclusiveness – how we feel. In Inclusion Starts With I video some of our Accenture people demonstrate that bias can appear in both expected and unexpected ways. At the beginning, employees hold a poster board with a message detailing an experience with bias, but as the video progresses they provide messages on how each of us has the power to personally make a difference. Our discussions about diversity, inclusion and belonging gave people a voice in the conversation. And we realize that the conversation is not a moment, but a movement to which we can all commit in a personal and profound way.

Inclusion Starts with I and I commit to leading with LOVE."

Wendy Myers Cambor, Accenture

"In my current role at Intel I have the honor of leading the most diverse team of my entire career. As we take on some of the world's greatest challenges our discussions and strategies are benefited tremendously from having a true 360 degree viewpoint. This has allowed us to drive efforts with the greatest level of speed, execution and relevant approaches I have ever experienced. As the CDO for a decade, I pushed for the business of diversity. Now I'm living it and it's awesome!"

Rosalind Hudnell, Intel

"I am very proud to be a Latina. My difference has allowed me to speak up and share ideas that I know will resonate most with my community."

Silvia M #DiversityPays

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