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Happy Holidays Fellow Survivors!

For the month of December our Ark server cluster will be running a Holiday event. For the month of December our Ark Cluster will be running the 801-633-5430 with all craft-able trees, flowers, bushes, mushrooms and other goodies to decorate your base. Start decorating your base and share your screen shots on our forum and or our discord channel.

With the addition of the eco In Wonderland mod, you can now pickup classic Ark structures up within 30 seconds of placing. While S+ and the castles do not have this time limit, if you are one of those that is using normal building parts you can no longer worry about miss placing a well or floor and having to scrap it. However please keep it in mind that this does not include all the normal Ark structure items. It excludes Charge Lantern, C4, Elevator Platforms, Elevator Tracks, Electric Generator, Grill, Industrial Forge, Industrial Grinder, Chem Bench, Fabricator, Tek Generator, Tek Replicator, and Tek Transmitter.

On a side note we can welcome back the Tek Rock Drake saddle. Join us on discord and help your fellow survivors get the Tek Rock Drake saddle for the Aberration Boss, Rockwell.

Extinction is live

Extiction Server is Live

The Ark Extinction map is live. Come and join us in exploring the place that is said to be the start and the end.

Extinction is set on Earth a corrupt, hostile and desolate shell of its former self where you'll be able to explore a past civilization, tame new robotic creatures and new dinos. Craft new unique items and conquer new challenges such as the colossal Titans.

Join the server cluster and our community today!

ARKaeology Event

ARKaeology Event

ARKaeology event is live on the servers. On any of our cluster’s maps (the Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Aberration or Scorched Earth) you will be able to find fossil mounds which contain bones (and possible extra loot) that is usable for crafting skeleton skins for a number of dinos as well as some new skins, the Brachiosaurus, the Stygimoloch, the Styracosaurus, and a Dilophosaurus Mask.

Also found on our cluster is the rare (5% chance to spawn where normal Rexes spawn) Tek Rex. This bionic battle beast is tameable, rideable and breed-able. This wild T-Rex can achieve a higher level (Has a max level of 180) than standard Rexes and is again, tameable.

So join the fun with us and tame yourself a new Bionic  T-Rex!

Castles can now be learned

The engrams for the castles have been unlocked. You can still hunt for the blueprints or learn the blueprints you need to build your castle or keep from the beacon supply drops on the Island.


Global chat on the Ark servers has been changed to cluster wide chat. This will allow you to talk with other survivors on our cluster regardless of the map you are currently on.

However, please be aware that the chat is monitored and logged, so please follow the server rules, use polite language and avoid any controversial topics.

Eggcellent Adventure Returns!

Bunny dodos and oviraptors have been seen in the Arks. Collect their Bunny Eggs and craft holiday-themed items such as Bunny Ears, a Bunny Costume for the Procoptodon, two brand new cosmetics: the Knitted Chick Hat and Egg Shell Hat for both your survivor(s) and dino(s) or simply paint them and decorate your base.

  • Wild creatures roaming the ARKs will also find themselves feeling eggcellent, sporting bright colours of Green, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Wild Dodos are replaced by Bunny Dodos  - with ears, taming disabled, and drop 50% consumable dodo eggs and 50% Bunny eggs
  • Wild Oviraptors are replaced by Bunny Oviraptors - with ears, taming disabled, and drop 50% consumable Oviraptor eggs and 50% Bunny Eggs
  • Bunny Eggs can be placed on the ground and painted
  • Bunny Eggs will expire after approximately two weeks from inventories, and placed eggs will immediately decay once the event is turned off.

Happy hunting fellow survivors

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