The evidence was in his favor.

I don't want something like this to happen.


Gideon saw Jared take John's umbrella by mistake.


Because the president is a human being, making mistakes is possible.


I don't think that you did all this homework by yourself.


What can hunger strikes achieve?

She is a slow runner.

He does not live there any more.


Rome, thou art a whole world, it is true, and yet without love this world would not be the world, Rome would cease to be Rome.


When he was young, he had an arrogant air.


I took one off.

Holyrood is in uproar.

I have a boat and a car.

Will the weather on Saturday be sunny?

He's a pediatrician.

Get to work. These sandbags won't fill themselves.

I don't want to talk about my child.

Show us where you found him.

Tomorrow's Sunday.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to cancel everything?

No matter how learned one may be, he or she cannot be called a good person unless he or she has a sound mind.

Laurie didn't like the idea of Winston going out with John.

He is armed to the teeth.


It made me very sad.

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Are you telling me you are not my father?


You tried to kill me.

I'm respectful.

Debi is Sabrina's girlfriend.


It rained nonstop.

I'm aware of my responsibilities.

I suppose that's why you don't like me so much.

I'm going to give it one more try.

Valeria doesn't want to wait that long.


The worst comes afterwards.

The contestant made two false starts.

That house was so poorly built that no floors were level and no walls were plumb.

She has a lot of gray hair.

The doctor said you shouldn't scratch your wounds.


Did you tell Rand how good the movie was?


Tareq walks fast.

That house with a red roof is my uncle's.

They believed that it was a necessary evil.

I didn't feel her presence.

Spencer is going to do it.

Rahul knows exactly what Bart wants.

Mr. Koizumi talks endlessly without stopping.

The pilot struggled to stabilize the airplane.

She is not only well known in India, but is also well known in China.

We asked him on the interphone if he could come downstairs quickly.

Use your brain!

Nobody can foresee what will happen.

We've been forgetting about Honzo.

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No one's been here in a while.


I knew we shouldn't have done this.


Bernard took something that didn't belong to him.


I'll take them with me, OK?

Technology has improved since then.

Jay has been complaining about his low salary.


Ask her for advice.


There is danger of confusion between them.


Sales of prescription opioids in the United States have nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2014.

I still have a headache.

She likes to read everything, and she read the Quran in all the languages she knows.

Maybe that's your problem.

Jochen poured Allen some more wine.

The main thing that dreams lack is consistency.

Phill ingratiates himself with our new boss.

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He's an outlaw.


People turned and stared at Hwa.

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Maybe people like us shouldn't have children.

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Pick a book for yourself!

I'm Polish.

She's a smart girl.

The weather is a little chilly this morning.

Really? You didn't show much interest before. I wonder what's got into you?


What different types of meat do you sell?


I've had quite enough of his impudence.

The introduction of the new tax is expected to affect the entire economy.

Sit on the bench.

Is Pedro ready for this?

What did you do on the weekend?

As far as I know, I'm in perfect health.

We walked around the pond.


I have an uncle who lives in Boston.

I'd like to volunteer to go with Leonard.

He should be apprised of our intentions.

Japanese manga and anime are popular around the world.

I didn't catch my train, even though I ran all the way.

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Jakob lives next door to me.


Clyde was dissatisfied with his store bought telescope and decided to build one for himself. Clyde's father took a second job to pay for the materials needed to build it.

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My teacher told me to read as much as I could.

We're going out to get something to eat.

I can assure you of his reliability.


Silence in the court!

I'm thirty years older than you.

Our school facilities are inadequate for foreign students.

I'd just like to be ignored.

I can't believe it worked.


Leif quickly rose up the corporate ladder.

You're drunk.

Many kinds of flowers always come out in his garden.

It's well worth it.

Why am I here?

The Soviet people are not afraid of peaceful competition with capitalism.

They must be busy.

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It's not sure.

We could do better.

I hope it won't be long before I hear from her.


I know nothing about you.


You'll be safe with Knapper.


I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.


Mac has gone AWOL.

And then, he chased the cattle, the sheep and everyone out of the temple.

She looked sad.


It's bigger than him.

Not an anna in hand, but call me administrator nonetheless.

We had better leave her alone for a few minutes.

Wade weighed his options.

You ought to have come to our party.


Corporate governance and accountability are being strengthened.

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Success doesn't taste of anything and doesn't smell of anything, and once you've gotten used to it, it's as if it never even existed.

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I'll find out myself.

He suckered me out of ten dollars.

I'm adaptable.


Vince read this novel in five languages.

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Doyle took over in 2013.


They rushed towards their mother.


His business in New York was a great success.


How many elements are there in the Periodic Table of Elements to date?


She's not a regular employee of this company.


If you are a good boy, you shall have a nice cake.

In other words, she became a good wife.

Drew doesn't heed any advice from Travis.


Josip looked hungry.

This is more important.

I think that that clears matters up.

Why don't you ask Naresh to babysit Calvin and John?

We chopped a tree down.


Kristian is just scared, that's all.

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He stands high in his class.

Jack lived in Japan for several years.

Here, see for yourself.

Ten people died, among them, a woman.

Alex squeezed Felix's arm gently.

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I regretted lying to him.


What's your favorite Irish whiskey?