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Who are we? We are a company specializing in sales of laptop keyboard. Our company was founded in 2003. Ten years, we have been focusing on selling laptop keyboard, without making other products. So we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in a very laptop keyboard. And we have a laptop keyboard and various plant a good relationship. We have a large inventory of laptop keyboard. Ten years, we provide a number of laptop keyboard and services to customers worldwide. Similarly, many schools, computer labs laptop keyboard are provided by our company. Won a good reputation!

Common knowledges about Laptop Keyboard:

There are no original and non-original keyboards.

  1. There are no non-original keyboard in the market due to relative high cost of molds for laptop keyboard and one mold for only on type of keyboard.
  2. It is possible to produce the same type of keyboard in different factories. Therefore, it is wrong to regard the keyboard you bought are non-original due to the unsuitableness of small details for the original machine (such as there is silver paper at the button of original keyboard, but the one you bought has no silver paper). The production factories are different, so some detailed places are also different.
  3. There is other situation for so-called non-original keyboard. That is, the keyboard you bought is a substitute. The difference between substitute and original keyboard is the printing of the picture of the function key, and besides, the place of the screw post at the laptop button is also different. In other words, one original keyboard of a laptop is used in another type of laptop.

The categories of laptop keyboards:

  1. The categories of keyboard in accordance to its status: new keyboard, used keyboard, and refurbished keyboard.
  2. The categories of keyboard in accordance to its language: English keyboard, French keyboard, German keyboard, Spanish keyboard, Portuguese keyboard, Russian keyboard, Italian keyboard, Japanese keyboard, Korean keyboard, Arabic keyboard, etc.
  3. The categories of keyboard in accordance to its Layout: US keyboard, UK keyboard, FR Keyboard, GR keyboard, SP keyboard, PO keyboard, RU keyboard, IT keyboard, JP keyboard, KOR keyboard, AR keyboard, etc.
  4. The categories of keyboard in accordance to its function: backlighting keyboard, mouse keyboard, and framed keyboard, etc.

Some types of laptops are relatively old or rare, and factories no longer produce these types of keyboards, so it is difficult to buy these types of keyboards in the markets. Under such situation, you have to buy other types of keyboards or old keyboards. If you meet such situation, please make a contact with us. We can solve this problem for you perfectly, for we own largest keyboard inventory and richest experiences.

Why buy Notebook Keyboard here?

Our company was founded in 2003. since ten years, we only focus on keyboard for laptop, rather than other productions. So we have the most professional knowledge and rich experience. but also have a good professional after-sales service team!

We will make double check before delivering every Keyboard. 30 days refund! 12 months warranty!

Secure Shopping Guarantee: We are regular and legal business. And there is Paypal as a middleman to receive your payment. So about your payment is safe and protected.

We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties.

The notices of replacement of Keyboard:

To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching an unpainted metal surface (such as the back panel) on the computer.

The key caps on the keyboard are fragile, easily dislodged, and time-consuming to replace. Exercise care when removing and handling the keyboard.

Before securing the latch on the system board connector, ensure that the keyboard connector is seated and the tabs on the connector are properly aligned with the slots on the system board connector. Failure to align the tabs could result in a malfunction of the computer or damage to the cable and/or the cable connector.

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