Where are you going? Should we accompany you?

He studied after dinner.

How did you first meet them?

There is no rest for the weary.

He who makes no mistake, does nothing.

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My mother is always on the go.


There's no call to get angry over this matter.

Gigi is such a buzzkill.

Be watchful.

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The weakness of vinyl is that it is easily affected by heat.

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Try to be polite.

I can't compete with that.

Why don't we take her there?

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Churchill visited Stalin late in 1944.

I didn't know when Bob had come to Japan.

Oh my God, I'm so ashamed.

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Who did you get that from?

It was a furious battle.

My uncle isn't young, but he's healthy.

That's a crap idea.

Would you please boil an egg for me?


I sure had my due reward.

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The dress becomes you.


He grafted a pear on the quince.

Hey, did you hear me?

A passport is usually necessary when you travel overseas.

I think you should look at this once more.

Caleb is extremely fast.


He drives me crazy.


Was Dean a nurse?

What else do you want to learn?

I'll never forget the look on Adrian's face the first time he rode a horse.


Each merchant praises their merchandise.

Robert enjoyed talking with his girlfriend.

We reached an agreement at the end of the meeting.


The author has a good style.


She is a good friend of mine.


You couldn't give me the money I asked for.

There is nothing you can do that I haven't already done to myself.

I wish I could go somewhere else.


Can I take a look at it?


It looks like Stuart has an alibi for the night Clarence was murdered.


Did you have fun?


I sure wish Meehan would make up his mind.

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Martha has always been a fun guy to hang out with.

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I hope I find someone to help us.

Syd has to speak to us.

I'll find her.

She told me not to tell lies.

I won't be able to help him.

We'll discuss this problem later.

I thought you didn't believe in ghosts.

This woman gives the impression of being wealthy.

I feel like having a drink.

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She ate well.

He is a good speaker as politicians go.

They ran into the garden to save themselves from those blood-thirsty hounds.

Monty seems quite happy.

I used to be good at this.

I'm not even going to let you see it.

He left Tokyo for Europe.

And then everyone started singing.

We should just give them what they're asking for.

Every Monday, I have a face-to-face meeting with my manager.

I thought you enjoyed talking about baseball.


I told Neil to go.


I also really had the feeling of having had a relaxed day with my family for the first time in a long while.

Rodney looks just like his brother.

We could not get at his meaning.


Please just calm down, okay.

Perry is far away.

Yesterday evening we heard the President talk on television.

Just throw them away.

"Who was that girl you were with at the beach today?" "What girl?"


That big pot is on the kitchen table.

She's there already?

Srinivas Jackson's first book wasn't bad either.

The card was valid until January, 2006.

One of my pleasures is watching TV.

Shoes are stiff when they are new.

He had never seen such a bad boy.


I can't understand the meaning.

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What sound does a giraffe make?


What does she say?

This is the first time I've driven a car.

How many times a week do you go shopping?

The students at that school wear uniforms.

There's lots of war poetry on the syllabus.

Up with your hands.

He was anxious to meet you.

We suck.

I like playing chess.


If the devil is powerless, he sends his wife.

I wasn't dancing!

I love streusel cake.

Dorian has been working overtime.

Health is not valued till sickness comes.


That's not really important right now.


I woke up at eleven.

I am glad to see you!

That's pretty.

The financial crisis has left many unemployed.

I plan on winning.

Have you figured out what to do yet?

It's hailing.

Forgive him if you can. He is not guilty.

You need to be patient.

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The helicopter took off.


Excellent! It's just like you to come through like that.

You got hurt, didn't you?

I have to go help Barrett.

She's getting married soon.

He had a mad crush on you.

Have you ever put your baby into bed?

Andreas admired the flower arrangement.


Our work here isn't done.


I'm not kidding you. Some people actually believe that the world is only six thousand years old.

I didn't like him to come back home while I was sleeping.

Have you already decided what you're going to order?

"What if you're wrong?" "I'm not wrong."

I don't need a babysitter.

I want to age gracefully.

Our wedding anniversary is coming soon.


Now she's gone mad.

I can't go back there alone.

Rick made a lot of money in the stock market.

You will stay with me.

I am from the Netherlands.

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When she opened her eyes I was the first person she saw.

Sergeant is a great attorney.

My family live in that house.

I assume you agree with me.

Helen Keller was blind, deaf, and dumb.

He paid as much as a million dollars for the painting.

This shouldn't happen.

How long can you stay?

I wish I could show you the pretty ice on the trees.

When I returned home, my brother had done his homework.

Where is the duty-free shop?

I've already saved your life twice.

Why would you need it?


Johnnie doesn't play video games.

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Shuvra bought me everything I wanted.

Is that clock going?

Is Diana more intelligent than you are?


Every new language is like a game.

I don't know the mayor but I'd like to meet him.

It's still 50 kilometres to Paris.


I'll set the alarm for seven o'clock.

Three were injured.

It seemed that he had been very happy.


Tony is wearing a silver ring.

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Price is smarter than you.


Maybe I could talk to them.