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Agricultural Resources for Producers & Consumers

The Community Agriculture Development Center is located in Colville, Stevens County, in the beautiful northeast corner of Washington State. This organization of local producers and consumers is also known as CADC and Community Ag.

Community Agriculture Development Center seeks to enable local consumers to buy their food from local farmers. Believing that farm raised food is real food that is healthy for consumers of all ages, Community Ag supports this relationship in a number of ways.

Each spring Community Ag publishes a printed Farm to Table Buying Guide. The guide lists local farmers who sell their products directly and at farmers markets. Also in the guide are a number of farmers markets, stores, and restaurants that feature local foods. An online version of the Buying Guide is also available here on our website.

Locally you will find vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs, flour, honey and other products for sale. Some of our farmers and artisans also sell processed foods, fibers, soaps, and other personal care and household products.

Community Ag offers education for producers and consumers through seminars, workshops, and informative articles. We have  undertaken a number of grant funded projects that have generated published educational material. These publications are available in PDF format on our website.

With a grant from Washington Department of Agriculture (WSDA), Community Ag designed and built a WSDA-approved poultry and rabbit processing unit. A USDA-Rural Development grant supported the development of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-approved livestock slaughter unit. For info on the units, visit the Processing Units page on this website.

The use of these approved processing units enables local livestock producers to sell their products to the public and to restaurants. At local farms and farmers markets you will find poultry, rabbit, beef, pork, and lamb for sale.

Special Events
Each year, Community Ag brings the bounty of our local farmers and ranchers to the public through two special events. Local foods are featured at our food booth at the Northeast Washington Fair in August and at our fall Harvest Dinner Celebration each September. Watch for announcements in our email updates and on (570) 363-3842.

Food Hub
Community Ag is working with other organizations to create a regional food hub where local citizens and visitors from outside our area can discover and enjoy the wide variety of products and food venues that are found in our corner of the state. During a one-day or weekend visit one can find farms and ranches, farm stores, restaurants, and shops that feature our local foods, wine, and other products.

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