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Service Catalog

Quickly and easily customize the site branding, catalog items and form questions to provide a high quality end user experience.

Approval Engine

Flexible DSE Approval Workflows enables you to configure simple or complex approval workflows in a matter of minutes.

Task Engine

A powerful and reliable Task Engine which orchestrates the running of simple tasks that can be strung together into complex sequences while providing detailed logging, state management and error handling.

Task Template Library

The DSE Task Template Library enables the easy implementation of automated tasks while abstracting all of the usual complexity. Out of the box task templates provide the ability to automate legacy and cloud technologies including Active Directory, Office 365, and Service Now Integration.

DSE SafetyNet Technology

In addition to the Out of the Box Tasks DSE provides extensibility with specialized tasks that enable you to run executables, Powershell and Perl Scripts as well as SSH.

Global Advisor

Dashboard and reporting that provides the information you require to drive continuous improvement into your organization.

Introduction to DSE

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