Do not live in a healthier way than what is right for you.

Sedat speaks French well, though not perfectly.

Vance did most of the work.


I saw her crossing the street.

Can you do it alone?

Opposition is becoming more marked.


We've never actually been out on a date together.

You don't like Chinese cooking?

Donne is in her late twenties.

We all know him.

Julie motioned for Barrett to stay.

Toerless is glum.

His life's goal was the "internal idea." Because the Boulogne declaration only alluded to the language, he felt the necessity to also define clearly the motto of ideal Esperantists.

I need a loan.

French fries without vinegar, please.

Cristi would never steal anything.

There's no room for anything more.

She missed the last train.

Unfasten the pin.


She has a lot of faults; even so, she is liked by everybody.

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We have an understanding.

That car is his.

He picked up a stone.

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The blue sky is reflected in the sea.

She became a mother when she was fifteen years old.

It's evil to curse.

Should I be concerned?

Nobody believed he stood a chance of winning the match.

But whomsoever the state appoints, him we should obey.

Jeannie will eventually give in, I think.

That made me cry.

Sedovic is a stupid boy.

Why would you want to leave?

It was very strange.

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You're the only person I know besides myself who doesn't like watching baseball.

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Is there a bus stop nearby?

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Let me swim.

A cunt remains a cunt!

The sun went behind the clouds.


She wants to speak.

We haven't tried doing it that way.

Do you like your hot dog?

Hsuan made me help him.

Could I have a sample taste?

It's really wonderful seeing you again, Momoe.

She fell off her horse.

You deserve congratulations.

Everything is going to be fine.


Tuan isn't very trustworthy.

This is inappropriate.

A digital signature file is the modern equivalent of the signet ring.

Carsten bleached his hair yesterday.

Does the end justify the means?


Brooke pointed his rifle on Courtney.

Bobbie acknowledged that what I said was true.

Carl got on his bicycle.

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Open the door a bit!

I was compelled to do all the work alone.

Hello, I'm Tomoko Sato from Japan.


My mother made me a coffee and then went out in time to catch the bus.

Don't forget to sign the contract.

Where is there a drugstore?

I got out my knife and peeled the apple.

Won't you come in and have a cup of tea?

Drinking too much is bad for the health.

Do you want fruit juice?


I deserved it.

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Can your mother drive a car?

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Jerome is polite, isn't he?

I was Spy's apprentice.

I'm a great admirer of your work.

I was up all night reading.

He studies hard every day.

How can you help him?

Do you like to be alone?

I was tempted.

I'd really like to get something to eat.


Where are you headed?

I have a feeling I'm going to really like living in Boston.

How do you plan to make amends?


Josip wrote poison pen letters to most of his neighbors.


Murray, don't you leave me.

I never realized you were such a good French speaker.

Kamel was insane.


Jeannie is acting really weird right now.

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I stopped being mad at you a long time ago.

I'd like to rent a regular car.

You've been informed of your account state three days ago.

He did not know what to do with the extra food.

Someone stole my money.

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This book has 252 pages exclusive of illustrations.

That's not how you get things done around here.

Do you think that was easy for me?

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He told us he had gone through many hardships.


I required that John leave at once.


It's no use waiting for him to come.


I do not know how to drive a car.


That is not what I said at all.


This job will have to wait one more day.

You can invite any person you like.

Where were Daniel's parents at that time?

My hands and feet have got as cold as ice.

You think you are dying for your country; you die for the industrialists.

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I'll get in touch with you by phone tomorrow.

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Are you telling me you're not happy here?


There is not a store near my house.

You are a patient man.

I know your time is valuable, but could I ask you just one question?

Pack your stuffs dear. I ordered plane tickets for us. We will spend honeymoon in Paris.

I doubt everything, even my own doubts.

The flowers are red.

Go outside and play now.


The girl Delbert was going out with left him.

Language schools suck.

Let's agree to share in the profits.

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Let's go meet Gabriel.

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We can't really throw it away!

Love will find a way.

Linda will believe anything.

It has to be done.

Jim stole some money from me.

Me without you is like a body with no soul.

Did you approve of this?

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I really liked him.


I can do it myself.

Everything has its good side and bad side. Unfortunately, we usually see only one of them.

I'll see if Dirk knows how program in JavaScript.

I don't think it's him.

Can't you just go away?

No less than fifty thousand people visited there.

Overworking was the death of him.

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Don't waste your breath on Penny.

Rabin is here to buy some apples.

Don't trust anyone here.


You have many different kinds of people here.

I was drinking tea all morning.

When I heard the news on the radio, a chill ran down my spine.

Old is a fakir.

Martyn climbed up the ladder to the roof of the garage.

Alf couldn't stand it anymore.

His parents should be firm with him.


He was listened to with enthusiasm.


Spring has passed and summer starts.

I had forgotten these photos.

The war between France and England lasted one hundred years.

He worked too hard and destroyed his health.

After finishing the juice, he moved the glass out of the way.

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Shall we work together tomorrow?

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Christie bought it.

The Japanese and Chinese pronunciation for kanji is very different, isn't it?

She was amused at her son's tomfoolery.


We're both named Tad.

I compared my car with his.

I'm not sure you'll have enough time to do everything we've asked you to do.

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I have a great deal to do and very little time to do it.