Nichael is waiting for you inside.

I don't want to know what his name is.

It's all about intelligent allocation of resources.

Maarten certainly deserves our respect.

How much should we tip him?

It's very personal.

I want to ask Michelle something.

She was out of temper with her brother.

Here comes the cavalry.

She has big dreams for her future.

She scowled at the rude salesman.

It's a good question. I will try to give a good answer.

It's time to put my thinking cap on and get to the bottom of this elusive mystery.

His diligence and good conduct earned him the scholarship.

"Is the supermarket open tonight?" "Yes, it is open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm."


I'm predicting big things for Tandy.

My uncle has been diagnosed with leukemia.

Have you been invited to the reception?

I know you don't like being kissed.

Raghu wants to be near you.

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I think it's too cold to swim.

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He's helped me willingly.

How exactly was Edgar killed?

He is but a child.


Why do you love me so much?

We were wrong.

One has to learn English.

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Dan and Linda decided to marry against the wishes of their parents.

This music suits my present mood.

Never mind all that.

Please don't take the documents out of this room.

Mara took the meat off the grill.

That might not be so bad.

Just back away.

Your mother will repeat it to you as many times as necessary.

Do you want something?

There was enough food at the party for everyone to have some.

The key words are defined in the book's glossary.


A friend sent the fruit as a gift.


She's just jealous of your youth.

My feet are smaller than your feet.

You'll never make it to Claire's party.

Phillip is waiting for his friend.

They carpool together.

We must learn to accept the people around us.

I am interested in Asian history.


I can take it or leave it.

Believe it or not, this woman has three kids.

The tall guy smoking a cigar over there is a famous director.

She is teaching us French.

We work every day but Sunday.

Suyog took an apple from the fruit bowl.

My dad is stronger than your dad.

You have been gone for so many years.

There can be only one explanation for that.

I have no idea what it means and you don't have to either.

Remembering when I dreamed in your arms.

Douglas doesn't watch TV very much nowadays.

I tested everything.

She found the key to my heart.

You'll find another buyer.

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I told you I could do it.


It would be nice if there were more money.

After I had done my homework, I went to bed.

Be more flexible.

You had a good weekend, didn't you?

You owe it to Cristopher to tell him the truth.

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We can't let them kill Harold.

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I'm just doing it for the dragon's blood.

You're going to be a great father.

He was rather shorter with me.

Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.

The words bookstore and bookshop have the same meaning.

She doesn't use salt when cooking.

Thanks for your interest.


This cake doesn't really live up to its reputation.

The bribery came to light.

Adlai definitely knows how to ride a horse.

I cannot answer so many questions at a time.

We should be with her.

She's getting old.

The responsible persons are going to carry on in the same old way.

We must do something, Leon.

We have a community with wonderful people.

I hear from my friend every month.

Their company survived the crisis.

That's why I'm disappointed.

I have a great idea.

She looked dazed with the drug.

You are the most important person of us all.

Nobody expected anything from me.

I'm sure that was Pravin.


As usual, the physics teacher was late for class.


I'm going to try to see that that doesn't happen.

I had so little time that I had to eat lunch in a hurry.

This is probably a real diamond.


The defeat was galling to his pride.

Christie felt he needed to make amends.

May the best man or woman win.

How much wheat does each field yield?

There isn't a table in the room.

You had better relax a bit.

Sugar dissolves in hot coffee.


Big people aren't always strong.

The second showing will start soon.

I don't know when I can take a break.

We like music.

What you said to Lester made him angry.

God loves those who can control their anger and forgive unintentional negligence.

Every affluent person owns at least two cars.

This fishbowl life is all I need.

If it should rain tomorrow, we would go by bus.

Reid faked his death.

There is one point which is not noted on the contract.

Who's your favourite southpaw baseball player?

He has a passive character.

Vice is going steady with Louis.

I'm pretty sure that Linda used to live in Boston.

That's what I was told three hours ago.

After studying French for three years, Srivatsan could speak it fairly well.

Were you at Agatha and Gypsy's wedding?

Frederic plays soccer.

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She is a second-rate singer at best.

How long will you stay in Kyoto?

I was driving at 120 kilometers per hour when the police stopped me.


I'm washing my hands because they're dirty.

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I can't slow down.


The snail, much against her usual habit, began to run like a lizard under the summer sun.


He gave me his stamp of approval.


You speak so quietly I can barely hear you.

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You are wrong to say that we cannot move about in Time.


That dog is loved by the whole family.

Please give Jeannette a chance.

Do you like me?

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I'm glad I was able to be useful to you.

Vicky hasn't forgotten us.

I'm working for McDonald's.

Markus had no sooner walked in the door than Irving started to complain.

Several apples fell from the tree.


After hardening, you can use your new vase to hold flowers.


The patrolman motioned me to pull over.

There is no opening in our firm.

Please contact me later.

You just have to adapt.

The talk dragged on till three o'clock.

If your friend is one-eyed, look him by his side face.

I didn't know that man was your friend.

It's a special time for us.

Down pillows change shape when you sleep.


So... you were saying?

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I see noblemen and noblewomen.


Someone is inside.

Why did Earl do it?

Filipinos should write more about science in Filipino.

The temperature went up to 30 degrees.

Why do we need to find Hazel?

Let us out.

She finally fell asleep.


Terrance's favorite movie is "Rise of the Planet of the Squirrels."

Does your sister work there?

This kind of plant grows only in the tropical regions.

I just spoke to Darin.

Why aren't you helping us?

Free speech is still dangerous in some countries.

It's a family trait.

This will bring you to grief.

Do you have to go to the post office?