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The rain shows no sign of stopping.


They elected Hashimoto the Prime Minister.


Victor is the floor manager here.

I'm afraid that I failed terribly.

Dwayne watched Mario put sugar in her coffee.


Does anybody have any good news?


A policeman is too poorly armed to go to war.

Wouldn't you rather sit by the window?

That's the last thing I want.

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She greets him every morning.

He showed us a picture of his mother.

We must avoid war at all cost.

No matter what anyone says, I won't go.

That rule holds good in all cases.


In the autumn, swallows will fly south.

Do this before anything else.

Is the fish still alive?


The real value of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly one-third since its peak in 1968.

Do you remember what you did last Friday?

I'll be there in about 30 minutes.

The jury began deliberating Monday.

Alejandro was very understanding.


Randall and Maureen both left early.


You should be more considerate of your parents.

Did you study by yourself?

Grandfather has retired because he is getting old.

He served without any serious errors until he reached retirement age.

How much are we short?

Leif is the only girl I've ever been in love with.

I started a new blog. I'll do my best not to be one of those people who blogs a lot right at the start and then quits blogging.


There were only two means left to him in order to get a bite to eat. He had either to work or to beg.


I bet you're talking about Tai.


Someone's gotta do it.

That's a trifle.

They were all so tired that they could do nothing but yawn.


No two are alike.


I'm sure we'll find something to do.


Is it a good investment?

"But I don't want to be digested," shouted Pinocchio, starting to sob.

With those results, you won't be able to go to university.

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It's on the first floor of that building.

This winter began with an unprecedented amount of snow.

Don't go out with Helen.


Karl hardly looked up from his plate.

Don't interfere with her.

This is the same necklace that I lost yesterday.

I prefer it that way.

Her conduct gave rise to suspicions in his mind.

The need for more foreign language teachers here is becoming urgent.

"He's single." "Who's single?"


I'll be in my quarters.

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Please hurry and finish the prospectus.

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I learned a lot about her.

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My speech was greeted with cold silence.


Tear gas canisters could be seen on the road after the rioters had left.

She is not there yet.

They denied it.

The law is clear.

She found a big trash can in the basement.

Crap, I think he saw us.

What would life be like without electricity?

How long ago did you move here?

Roxana is kind of hot.

Could you exchange it with a different one?

We can't get out of this.


Arlene arrives at his office at around 8 o'clock.

Duane tried on the shirt.

He was elected chairman.

My car is a gas-guzzler.

You have no life.


I owe my success to the fact that I've never had a clock in my workplace.

They adorned the room with flowers.

Success depends on your efforts.


I'll make sure Don does that.

Milk does not agree with me.

There are dictionaries and dictionaries.


I put the used syringes in a can for safe disposal.


I would like you to know how important you are to me.

Do you drive a manual or automatic?

Have you ever been to Italy before?

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Val doesn't have to stay home to help Jeanne.

What are you doing in a freezing place like this?

We'll see you in the morning.


I'm sensing a lot of hostility.

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I can't afford to shop at such an expensive store.

I feel that Tatoeba has become a very warm and cozy place for us language lovers; especially for all those of us who can grasp and learn languages relatively easily and quickly.

I usually eat less than my boyfriend.


Our teacher told us what to read.


I'm sure Mason will like it.

I never even got to tell Thomas about what we did for him.

I heard that Robert is ill.


I set my watch ahead one hour.

John was born in a hospital and he died in a hospital.

Win is now totally confused.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


How did that get in there?

She's not going to be able to work.

I'm not certain if Lojban is a rational language, but I am very sure that Lojbanists are habitually not rational people.

Don't embarrass yourself.

That seems right.


Don't you ever get tired of listening to Delbert?


There is no security at the entrance of this restaurant at all.


Godwin's law teaches us that any infinite discussion about an arbitrary subject converges to a Nazi comparison.

I thought it was fake.

Do you want to go home now?

You've got it wrong.

Did you just make that up?

That guy really burns me up.

Ten minutes after they had passed Nara, the car ran out of gas.

I found him there.

Please wait ten seconds.

That's the correct answer.

She's perfect at everything.

Why did I do this?

It'll soon be the rainy season.

I asked Russ if he knew Phil.

What does her father do?


I remember what Rob used to be like.

Sometimes, doing the right thing is the wrong thing.

That animal is huge!

"I can't believe that you snuck into the castle!", said the princess.

Carol laid the bat on the ground.

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My mother tongue is the most beautiful present that I received from my mother.

He dwelt on the complexities of modern life.

The room was kept warm for the guests.


She is in low spirits today.

I'll go back to Boston.

It is not right to criticize people behind their backs.

Who's on the phone?

I think Sharon believed me.

The cafe is run by students.

Mick is quite dedicated, isn't he?


I saw a little girl who was sweet and happy.

Have you read Rick Jackson's new book?

I bought her some drinks.

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

I would never consider building a house in this area.

Soohong doesn't know whether he should take on the job or not.

May I apply for asylum?

I do hope Dimitry does what he says he'll do.

I walk because I don't have a car.


Jill dealt the cards.

She is upset.

The division picnic is this Saturday at the park.

Farmers defaulting on loans had to auction off their land.

Root continued crying.

The telephone was silent.

His boat has been at sea for two hours.


I won't be able to help her.

Most constellations don't really resemble the creatures or characters they are named after.

She was my only friend.

Please give us our money back.

I didn't really do anything.

Are they alive?

I don't know exactly what it means.