They were mostly women.

I won't go in.

One size fits all.

I thought it might be fun, so I went to Spudboy's party.


I saw them making out on the couch.


"Please think about it carefully." "Think about what?"

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You and I'll never meet again.

I'll take the blame.

Nils is worried about his grades.

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I had no idea you were so ruthless.

It's not your fault, so don't worry.

Why didn't you ever tell me that?


If anyone can do it, it's Allen.

Always keep this dictionary handy.

Kemal is going to like those.

That's a huge cost savings.

We found them here.

I suggest you send someone outside to see what's going on.

Stephe didn't break the law.

The food athletes eat is just as important as what kind of exercises they do.

It's beginning to rain. Please share my umbrella.

I like to spend time in public libraries.

I suggest that we leave now, Nathaniel.

He told us this morning his name was Billy.

Spring is the best season to visit Kyoto.

It hasn't been that long.

Could we discuss this?

If you want to be happy, be it.

He wrote a letter on a piece of paper.

I don't want to lose Eddy.

Bring two breakfasts, please. Number 2 on the menu, and two teas with milk.

When your business gets rolling we'll talk about an increase.

Yet today only about 15 percent of American families follow this pattern.

Vilhelm did not consider that he was responsible for his brother's behaviour.

If I had known his address, I would have written him a letter.

Rafik is here somewhere.

This organization cannot exist without you.

He is very observant of his duties.

We were very tired at the time.

I wasn't expecting that.

He was furious at his neighbor for allowing their dog to run into his yard.

Would you like to go out with me tonight?

Can you cancel?

You shall have a new watch for your birthday.

The dog will bite whoever's last.


He hated to play ball with his manager, so he quit his job.

Introduce me to your future wife.

I have the house all to myself.

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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

Peter wore a heart-shaped locket.

We have to do something, Metin.

I went to the library to read some books.

The trees will soon be bare.

I like swimming and playing basketball.

That's exactly what I told him.

In severe cases, cracks can form or it can snap apart.

They admire your courage.

We smiled at them.

He is the last man that I want to talk with.

I've just finished waxing the floor.

We elected her to approach our teacher on the matter.

I don't even know how to respond to that.

Nothing seems to grow in this soil.

I will attest that I did not hear that.

She flung herself upon a sofa, protesting that she was fatigued to death.

Do cats eat bats or do bats eat cats?

This book is about life in the Soviet Union.

His disappointment was obvious to everyone.

The US prepare new sanctions against Russia.

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Turn around and close your eyes.


Dan wanted to find out where Linda had been the previous night.

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Russell is following right behind us.

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She lives alone in this room.

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This wasn't such a good idea after all.

The inverse of a non-square matrix is a dangerous thing.

I thought Reinhard would talk about that.

You'll never be an actress.

Tiefenthal isn't an old man.

The new computer is ten times as fast as the old one.

Everyone opposed it, but they got married all the same.

This September was very rainy.

Peter is being evasive again.

You seem to know a lot about Boston.

Could you tell me how to get to the nearest station?

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What do you remember?

Long ago, people used to travel on foot.

She surprised him when she arrived early.

We want to see the king.

She is my gipsy wife.

You should buy it for yourself.

You'd better take care of it soon.

I glared briefly in the referee's direction but he was putting on a calm face while picking his nose. "Dammit, the fight's a fixup!?"

I am very interested in French.

This is not an error.

It takes about ten minutes to boil an egg.

Bonnie sent his daughter to her aunt Renu.

What is your idea?

Juri dashed out into the street.

They need to be prepared to pay more.

Do you want to risk that?

He could not bear to think of his dog being sold to that cruel man.

As far housing goes, it is very poor in Japan.

They were not pleased.

It was him that broke the window yesterday.

I have to ask you some questions.

Take another look.

Tell her that I am helping Taninna with her homework.

Stephe never got the chance to do that, did he?

I've been forgetting things lately.

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This grass needs cutting.

You should have a doctor look at that.

I was taking care of him.

I am certain that we will find a solution.

I saw a little boy running.

He's so racist.

He was mainly interested in the origin of the universe and evolution.


I think you misunderstood what I said.

Marla didn't feel like telling everybody why he was leaving.

When do you arrive?


Oscar was my mum's dog.

I'm ready to eat a horse.

Like other changes, this change in attitude has occurred in other countries, too.

Every time I join a new game of Warcraft, I am pitted against a new team of adversaries.

His work leaves nothing to be desired.


The problem about "the instrumentality of mankind" is being looked into by the committee.


I wore the earrings that you gave me for my birthday.

People in every walk of life go to church.

Do it this way!


If you can see your breath when you exhale, you know it's cold.

Who gave Kirk that recipe book?

You'll have to take his place in case he can't come.

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I said I'd look after them.


I've always hated this place.

The walls of Rome have twelve gates.

It took me two hours to get to Yokohama.

Your wry insolence will not be rewarded.

Tell Marcia what he wants to hear.

Could you please open a window? - Sure.

That's fine!


Why's Doug always here?

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Panacea finally decided to try jumping over the stream.

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Ian said he saw something suspicious on the morning Plastic died.

Philippe told me that he enjoys hanging out with Leslie.

Darryl has been there a long time.

You should get one.

Rainer took out three eggs.

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Pantelis rarely wears dark colors.


He is studying hard.

I was the only one who knew Ted was coming.

Women who claim to love Disney films are, in most cases, suffering mentally.


I was unconscious.

Liyuan and Sanity didn't get along very well.

Please help me fill out this form.


Floyd and Owen swam in the ice-cold lake.

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He was deceived by her apparent friendliness.

Are you watching this show?

My mother thinks that caesarian sections are dangerous.

I wish I knew how to help you.

Information will be provided on a need-to-know basis.


Johnny and Jelske are always fighting.

I had one beer and pretended to be very drunk.

It's really hot this morning.

Is it warm in here or is it just me?

It would be a waste of time to ask Raymond to help.


I will always be there for you.

I really do love your tie.

His speech was too short.

It was the hungry bears that the villagers were afraid of.

You're making me blush.