The Storm Of Ash Campaign

What is Storm of Ash?

Storm of Ash is a casual, slow grow, meta campaign in the Age Of Sigmar Universe.

The following pages outline the rules for participating in the campaign.

It begins with each player 4692268762, building an initial force with 500 points and selecting a 2705955529 on (336) 723-4525

Once all players have completed the above, the first season begins and players (864) 679-1585 between themselves of Age of Sigmar, AOS Skirmish or Shadespire.

Each season lasts for 2 months, at the end of which Victory Points are tallied and the winner is given a resteep for that season.

At the beginning of each new season each player receives 250 additional points for use in their armies, allowing them to add new units to their army either from new kits they’ve built and painted over the two months or from their existing supply of models.

This is outlined in the following table:




500 – Preseason fun























Selecting a Faction

Players can select any faction as per the standard Age Of Sigmar matched play rules.

They are free to mix and match any units however must stick to one grand alliance.

Allegiance abilities and artefacts will be locked until higher points levels as per the following table:

Points Level

Allegiance abilities and battalions Allegiance artefacts


Full allegiance abilities, no battalions 1 artefact
1000 Full allegiance abilities, no battalions

1 artefact

1500 Fully unlocked

Fully unlocked

2000 Fully unlocked

Fully unlocked


Building Your Initial Force

After you have selected your faction, you now have 500 points to spend on building your initial starting force.
Refer to standard matched play rules for points cost, these can be found in the Generals Handbook 2017, Azyr subscription for the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar App, or from the offical (201) 297-3845

Optional: submit your army using the following form to have it posted on the site

(TBD) Submit My List (TBD)

Your initial force must consist of at least 1 hero and at least one unit of battleline.

After that the following table applies as the campaign continues:

Points Level

Battleline Req. Behemoths


1 0-1




1500 2


2000 3


Faction Leader

One of your initial forces hero units must be labeled as your Faction Leader.

For narrative excitement you must give your faction leader a name, this cannot be changed, however you may replace your faction leader with a different model at a later date and rename them at this point if you wish. If your model (say a chaos lord on foot) is replaced with a “upgrade” (say a chaos lord on manticore) you can keep the name the same if you like!

Growing your faction – Changing Factions

At the end of each season each player will receive an additional 250 points to spend on new units for their faction, they can sell back any units they already have in their army for their full points cost to change out units if they so desire.

Players may also change units in between battles, this enables you to try new units before points go up or play with existing armies in your collection.

Players may also change factions completely but must forfeit their territory and place a new Realm-gate.

Feel free to name your units, especially if they make any interesting plays like effortlessly slaying a Terrorgheist with a flurry of axe blows. 😉

Selecting a starting location

Each player selects a location to place their Realm-gate (contact chase regarding placing this)

It can be placed on any land area on the map but must be placed closest to an unoccupied Strategic Point, which will then be claimed for free.

Players cannot place their realmgate on the same continent or island as another player. (this rule will be removed at 4+ players)

The Map

Battles for this campaign are fought over territory on the campaign map. before the first season starts, each player may place a Realm-gate on the map at a location of their choosing, It must be placed closest to an unoccupied strategic point (marked as a dot) which it then captures.


Capturing Strategic Points and Capitals

Strategic Points

An unoccupied SP is captured by the winner of a Skirmish battle on that region.

If you wish to target an occupied region, first check if it is the closest SP to any of your occupied SP’s, then:

If it is the closest, you must fight an AOS battle for that region.
If it is not the closest, you will have to fight a skirmish battle for control of that region as it is behind enemy lines.

A successful defense of an occupied region entities that player to upgrade the defence level of that settlement by 1.

Player Realmgates

Players realmgates exist in a similar way to strategic points once placed on the map however they cannot be attacked unless you are in possession of the closest strategic point to their realmgate.

If you successfully win a victory attacking a players realmgate instead of securing it you will steal 2 VP from that player and be ejected.  The player will then have the option to reposition their realmgate.

Realmgate’s always have the T2 defense level rules in effect.


Each province on the map features a provincial capital, these key strategic locations influence the total VP scored at the end of a season and comes standard with T3 defences.

To have the necessary momentum to attack a capital you must control 3 strategic locations within that province, seizing a capital takes precedence when deciding locations for players to perform an AOS battle.

For more information on the benefits of capturing a capital view Capitals under the Victory Points Section.

Capital Supply Buff: After both players have deployed their armies and before players roll off for the first turn a player with capital supply may choose to move any three units in their army 5” . 

Defence Levels

Defence Level

Battle Type


Standard battle


Standard Battle + T2 Benefits


T3 Siege Battle*

T2 Defence Benefit
The defending player may select a battleplan from the matched play battle plans list
The defending player gets to select the terrain arrangement but may not create a wall to protect their units.
The defending player chooses who has the first turn.

T3 Defence benefit

Using “Siege warfare rules” from ghb2017 and play the “The Great Wall” battle plan.

The defending player sets up the terrain in a defensive posture and must create a some form of wall either natural or structural if they have the scenery

The defending player chooses who has the first turn.

Victory Points

This section outlines the various methods players can accrue victory points over the course of a season.

AOS Battles:

Victory points are awarded as follows:
Major Victory: 2 Victory Points
Minor Victory: 1 Victory Point
Defeat: No penalty
Enemy Faction Leader Slain: Major victory if battle reaches the minor victory decider.

AOS Skirmish

Victory points are awarded as follows:
Victory: 1 Victory Point
Defeat: No penalty


Shadespire is fought over separately to the other points on the map, the player who last won a victory in Shadespire will occupy it and receive 1 victory point at the end of the season if they hold on to it.
In addition, the player who has won the most games of Shadespire during any given season is awarded
3 victory points.

Strategic locations and capitals

At the end of each season, use the following information to calculate the amount of VP earned from Strategic locations and Capitals.

Strategic points
A player receives 1 VP for each strategic point under their control.

A player receives 2 Victory points if they control a capital and all locations within a province that the capital governs In addition they receive the Capital Supply Buff globally in any battles they partake in.
A player receives 1 Victory point if they control a capital but the province is contested, they receive a capital supply buff for defensive battles fought inside that province.

Relic Hunting

At the beginning of Each season, 5 relic shards will be distributed across the map.

A player may select a shard location as their target for a AOS Skirmish battle and if they win the roll off and it is chosen, the players must play a seize the relic battle.

The player who selected to seize the relic will play as the relic hunter during this battle.

A player scores 1VP for each shard of the relic they acquire over the course of the season, if they managed to acquire all five pieces of the relic they will also receive a bonus 2 VP and a “Relic Wielder” buff to their general.

Relic Wielder: This model is in possession of a powerful relic, add 1 to the attacks characteristic of one of the weapons used by this model (this cannot apply to mounts)

Campaign Points

At the end of each season the player with the most victory points will be declared the winner and is awarded a campaign point, the player with the most campaign points at the end of december is the winner of the campaign!

Meeting and Playing Battles

Players can meet and play amongst themselves at any real life location using whatever terrain is available.

Once a battle is over one of the players may complete the form here to have information about their battle posted on the site, or leave a message in the group facebook chat, battlereports and pictures are encouraged!

Deciding Battle Region On The Map

A player should have in mind the region they wish to fight over and players are free to discuss before meeting for a game what strategic points they wish to fight over.

If both players do not agree on which region to fight over, and have selected different points to battle over, they roll off to decide which players point is selected.

If one of the players has selected one of the other players occupied regions, that region takes precedence as the other player must defend their region.

Whichever player wins the battle may choose to then occupy that strategic point or leave it as an unoccupied point.

Note: players may not fight over a occupied region that the owning player is not present for.

Battle Types

Players may engage in a variety of different battles to earn victory points over the season of war, the following glosses over the rules for playing various battle types when two players meet up for a game.

Age Of Sigmar

Standard age of sigmar battles using battleplans from the GHB17 or agreed upon custom battleplans depending on the campaign map.

*Triumph table rules for armies with different points are in effect


Standard age of sigmar skirmish battle rules, each player may build a warband totalling 50 renown, Players hire this warband independently from their army and may construct it from any models they have available following the standard skirmish rules, note it must belong to the same grand alliance as their main army.

Players should include their “skirmish party” as an additional note on their army roster

Refer to the following for determining which skirmish battleplan to play:

Unoccupied Province
Clash at dawn

Relic Location
Roll a D6
1-3: Treasure hunt
4-6:  Seize the relic

Back capping an occupied Capture Point
Vortex of power


Each player may hire one shade spire warband as “mercenaries” (to be displayed on their army roster as an additional note) this has no shade glass cost but allows them to take part in battles for the shadespire settlement.

They may hire any warband, they do not necessarily have to hire a warband belonging to their grand alliance.

Shadespire is fought over using shadespire rules instead of standard age of sigmar rules, and instead of victory points being earned after every match in shadespire, instead 3 victory points is awarded to the player who won the most times during that season.