Loren decided to marry Isidore.


I faxed Albert the information he asked for.

Hans killed himself in October.

The man was in rags.

Make him stop!

Why would you say that?

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My mother is a fantastic woman.


You should leave here at once.


She is down with influenza.


I came to this country for the purpose of studying music.

She is extremely natural in her manner.

We sometimes meet them.

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Fay is concerned about your safety.


I was late because of the traffic.

I want a few empty glasses.

Set me as a seal on thy heart, as a seal on thine arm, for strong as death is love, sharp as Sheol is jealousy.


That guy's very embittered.


We will do anything for you.


He began to eat lunch.

He's in desperate need of the money.

We have an open relationship.

Those huge metallic boxes you see in the ship are called by the name of containers.

"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"

He received a tremendous punch on the jaw from his opponent.

My father is used to travelling.

That's my son.

I hate raw onions.


Dad is tall.

Everybody's hungry.

They only speak Finnish with their children.

Everyone's laughing at us.

Hohn is worried for his safety.

It's not too far to walk.

I'm real sorry I wasn't able to help.

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I can't walk.

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Sugih wished Rajesh good luck.

These tree shut out the view.

This one is ours.

Please stay in the car.

I want to play tennis with you someday.


You might have prevented the accident if you hadn't been so inattentive.


This is Lyndon.


Your stomach has been rumbling for quite a while now. Are you sure you're all right?


Many people lost their homes after the earthquake.

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Constance can learn three languages at the same time with ease!

What're you discussing?

Hwa has to go shopping with his mother this afternoon.

It's time to open the third wardrobe.

Cornrows is a hairstyle popular among the people with thick curly hair.

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He likes Japanese, and he's good at it.

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I'm writing to Clare.

Moe and Johan both have drinking problems.

There are mothers and fathers who will lie awake after the children fall asleep and wonder how they'll make the mortgage or pay their doctors' bills or save enough for their child's college education.

Ruth's father was very strict.

Edith mentioned your name to me.


With his support, she might have been elected mayor.

How does Alan know what Fred asked John?

This song reminds me of young days.


We considered it.

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Does Jennifer have a sense of humor?


He dedicates himself to research.

The truth is he has a habit of inventing lies.

You still haven't told me how old you are.

Your English composition leaves nothing to be desired.

In summer, the girls usually go swimming either at the river or at the park.


That seems generous.

I'll take onion rings instead of fries.

Len is the most valuable player on our team.

Olivier found a job.

How much free time do you have?

Do you like basketball?

Your students don't like me.


The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.


I don't want to spend my whole life here.

He never existed.

Why does it have to be me?


My cat slept next to me.


The land is beneath me.

Run for the hills.

Darren is at lunch.


Linda hung up the phone and started crying.


I'd be only too happy to help with getting the kids to school.

What's your favorite car?

When does the rainy season end?

But the boys spent all their holidays on Mr Wood's farm.

He got me a watch.


But it is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself.


Let Nora buy the next beer.

I thought I'd lend you a hand.

A freezing beggar was brought into the hospital for treatment. However, he didn't have even one cent with which to settle the bill.

I don't need a loan anymore.

June didn't want Toerless to think he was a jerk.


Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?

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I want to know what happened to the pistol Liza gave you.

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Does she dare to go into the forest?

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A tall man went off from there in a hurry.

It's 5 something.

I don't think I like you very much.


I've got to get home.

Hello, girls.

That man is too boastful for my liking.

The woman with a baby in her arms arrived here just now.

Have you ever had dinner with your family?

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The cricket is a good singer who can sing long notes.


She looks as young as ever.


What's Lanny doing in the basement?

Normally, we don't do that in Spain.

Because he lied, he was punished.

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Everyone watched Franklin carefully.

My sister played the leading character.

You look better without makeup.


Don't tell me how to spend my money.


Let's keep that in the garage.

It serves our purpose.

Think carefully before answering.

Whatever you do, don't let Old know you're going to do it.

Julianto's obsessive tidying up is really getting on Harris's nerves.

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The company closes its books at the end of March.

He looked radiant.

You should've left your car parked where it was.

The park was full of people.

Have you ever served as a witness in a court case?


Manny didn't want to answer my question.


We add long examples.


Mike told me where to go.

Loyd was in the library with us yesterday afternoon.

I told you I didn't want to do this.

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I'll keep in contact.

Let's try to come up with something better.

I accompanied her on the piano.

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Have you ever read any Tennyson's poems?

These animals are on the verge of extinction.

Tell me what else is on your mind.


Does he like his job ?

Billie met Giles this morning.

My town has a population of about 30,000 people.


Who was punished?

I really like this team.

He was arrested on the charge of burglary.


I'm definitely going to vote.

I just wanted to see you.

Jarvis's personal life is his own.

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Shit, you couldn't have told me earlier?

Thanks for coming so quickly.

That never happens around here.