If you want her forgiveness you need to come clean about what you did.

He knows a lot of people.

Keep trying.

What's the matter, Andy? Are you going to cry?


I have been in Japan for two months.

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And God said: Love!


Neither motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.

I took Arnold to my favorite restaurant in Boston.

They all went to the restaurant.

Now you tell.

I want to go to the moon.


Can we not talk about this now?

I can't listen to music at night anymore because my headphones broke.

Do you have my book?

Pim didn't appear.

The song caught on with the public.

It will be cloudy.

I have a few friends in Tokyo.

Tatoeba has lots of sentences, and hundreds or even thousands more are added every day.

The new house didn't live up to expectations.

Duncan laughed and Del giggled.

The apple tree, which the two children had planted, grew year after year, till it became so large that it had to be transplanted into the garden.

Because it was very cold yesterday, I stayed home.

I expected better than this.

Relevance is a key element in communication.

Where did you store them?

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The soldier worries about spears.

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I can't look at this calmly.

Maybe it won't rain tomorrow.

Miracles are ordinary.

Depression can lead to suicide.

I said, "Could you please turn your television down?"


I intend to do the same thing I did last time.


Allow us to do our job.

I am hungry right now.

I'll be out of town for a week or two.

Ramsey sends his regards.

Jacobson has a reservation.


Can I offer you a drink?


This guy is a loser.

Tad hardly ever wears green.

Tahsin looked scared and worried.


Maurice felt like taking a walk.


What's your blog about?

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This book says that elephants live to be over 100 years old.

Straka is putting his son into the bed.

Roger sent me a thank you note.

Norbert was aiming his pistol at Takayuki when John shot him.

We climbed right up to the top.

Somebody is standing in front of his room.

Is there anything new?

My mother made some new clothes.

She was advised by him to be punctual.


I wish I hadn't given Hirotoshi my grandfather's violin.

He laid by 100 dollars this month.

Don't cross your eyes or they'll get stuck.


Florian guessed right.

I'm just hoping we can do that.

It was all over in a matter of seconds.

Boyd was quite courageous.

Panacea didn't do so well on his test.


I'll see what else we need to bring.

He told me that you were right.

We need you to help protect Oskar.


Are you bored? If so, you can watch TV if you like.


I have to button my jacket.

I understand more than you think.

I'm going to play tennis with Marcel tomorrow.


That's really good news.

Do not turn off your computer.

I'm sorry I've kept you waiting so long.

They won't catch me.

Are you falling in love with me?

What time are Pierette and Noam coming over?

For how long have you been living here?

We're not sure on how it started.

We'll go wash ourselves in the river tomorrow.

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She is pregnant.


Chris was surprised when Christina asked him out on a date.


He borrowed the money in advance.

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They're all special.

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She is looking for a job where she can make use of her foreign language ability.


I'd like everybody except Merat to leave, please.


Vick has been selected.


My son is going to be a teacher.

Did you have anything to do with this?

Honesty is no guarantee of success.

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Wake me up.

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It's more productive to concede a point of pedantry than to spend all day arguing about it.

Thank you for sharing!

Can you speak another language?


The waiter asked me to change tables because that one was reserved.


Laurence says he needs a break, too.


I want to find my energetic, fearless brother.

Wait till I finish eating.

We know that the Sun is bigger than the Earth.

He punished his children.

He picked up his toys.

Watch your head!

This sentence ends with a question mark?

He insists on going to the park with his father.

Kriton talks about you all the time.

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Ricardo just offered to take care of you.

You can clearly see what comes out when an English beginner tries to form a sentence in English. At that stage of learning the best thing for him to do is, I repeat, make sentences in Russian, translate them to English and get them fixed here if need be.

It gave me a nice feeling.


I always find myself comforting people with the words I want to hear.

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There's something happening on the other side of the river.

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Chip Jackson is considered to be one of the most dangerous men in Australia.

Adrian doesn't like the way John looks at Mongo.

I have more money than you.

I invited scores of people to my birthday party.

Are you sure you don't want to go with us?


The presiding judge sentenced the defendant to death.

People often tell me more than I want to know.

We'll succeed.

I'd like to be on TV someday.

Richard has made up his mind to go to Australia.

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Hiroyuki was once engaged to Barrett.

I think Cristi might have run away.

You can't let her suffer.

Open these doors.

I am an Uyghur.

Olaf noticed that not all the kids were paying attention.

Is it an obsession?


Study hard, or you will fail in the exam.

Pass me the sugar, please.

I sent him home to Boston.


"Look," she said.


The boat sailed around the promontory.


I didn't want to see him again.

Chili powder is greatly used in Indian cooking.

Theodore was sent here to take over.


Irfan is a real man.


Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

The enemy attacked from behind.

I think you should talk to him.

I'm sure everything'll be okay.

The United States is the only highly developed nation that does not require employers to provide paid vacation time.

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Ha-ha ... She isn't human. She's a robot; A-n-d-r-o-i-d.

The well has run dry.

Does he play the piano?


It's now a habit.


Collin has had plenty to drink already.

I am very happy, because I am currently learning a little bit of Dutch.

I suppose we could ask them.

Many women are afraid of spiders.

Cary is quite bossy, isn't he?

This is a tree.

We all know that eating a balanced diet is good for you.

My year in Africa was a very educational experience in many ways.

Loren gets tired quickly.


Every day, meteorites fall to the Earth.