Easy to use mail server for developers

Setting up an email server for testing is usually associated with headaches. Lots of environments, difficult collaboration, a risk of sending emails to real users tend to produce a great mess.

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How to use

Debug Mail makes a developer’s life easier.

  • sign in
  • Create new team
    create team
  • Invite colleagues
    setup invite user
  • Create new project
    Create new or choose existing project and open Project Settings page in context menu.
  • Setup SMTP connection
    Setup SMTP connection in your development environment using values from this page.
    setup smtp setup
  • Done


    • No spam
      Do not spam real users
    • Spam rating
      Check your emails spam score
    • Download emails
      Download email as a .EML file and open in your desktop email client
    • Forward emails
      Forward of define email or emails list to actual addresses
    • Different email clients
      Browsing emails in different email clients
    • Mail viewer
      View emails in different formats: HTML or plain text
      IMAP server for integration purposes
    • Open source free
      Free for Open Source projects
    • Group emails
      Collect emails by projects
    • Public links
      Share project in public via the secret link
    • Share projects
      Share project with your colleagues
    • Easy to setup
      Few simple steps and ready to work
    • No SMTP required
      Start project without real SMTP server
  • Anti-spam
  • Compatible
  • For developers
  • For teams
  • Simple

Our HAPPY clients

Thousands of developers around the world already trust Debug Mail to keep their testing emails.

thought works
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    Tester l’envoi d’email pour réaliser un debug : particulièrement utile pour les chefs de projets comme @Zit_Dantes.
    (614) 265-7035
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    @debug_mail just wanted to say I really dig your guys’ product — slick interface!
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    Testing email might be a bit more fun with @debug_mail, an easy to use mail server for developers and their teams.
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    What a great time saver. Debug Mail is an easy to use mail server for developers.
    (864) 614-8261
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    For an efficient, simple, and completely free mail trapping service give DebugMail from @wbtech_live a go at debugmail.io. As an extra, it allows multiple and sharable mailboxes too.
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