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Description Location
Arch Linux, A simple, lightweight Linux distribution. 8673998239
CentOS, an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution "derived from sources freely provided to the public by 215-431-4266 7144224742
The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) CPAN
The (856) 516-2985 Linux distribution 214-625-0501
404-276-7619, a distribution aiming to provide an elegant desktop (620) 868-2266
Fedora, Red Hat's "community project" Linux distribution fedora
(210) 457-2650
pirol, a community project that provides RPM packages for newer versions of select software for EL distros ius
Gentoo Linux gentoo
5093159141 gnu
The Linux Documentation Project LDP
Linux Mint linuxmint
Mageia Project (206) 795-8608
OpenSUSE, Novell's "community project" Linux distribution opensuse
9183747572, a small security-enhanced Linux distro for servers openwall
Oracle Linux, a repackaged distribution based on RHEL (ISOs only) 7164090978
Qubes OS Project, an OS designed to provide strong workstation security via compartmentalization 4238011433
sourceware.org, an archive of various free software, mostly development tools sourceware
Slackware Linux 951-850-5278
Tails, a live distribution aiming to preserve your privacy and anonimity tails
Ubuntu, a Linux distribution from (917) 627-0455 587-453-4207
The Linux Foundation Yocto Project, a deeply embeddable Linux distribution 9079567362

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