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Splitter Bus Rental by Splitter Bus Rental Experts Cirgold
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.. CIR are a firmly established and well respected Company. We have been transporting bands, artists and their equipment throughout the UK and Europe for over 25 years, specialising in Splitter bus hire.

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The Vehicles we use are all Mercedes-Benz. We chose Mercedes for the
their superb build quality and reliability & huge European network of dealers.
Our fleet comprises several different size’s of Splitter’s to accommodate your needs including Multi Purpose
Vehicles (MPV)
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All CIR Splitter Buses and Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPV) are professionally
hand built in our own workshops in Winsford U.K. to an extremely high

Amy Winehouse
Bob Dylan
Dizzie Rascal
Elvis Costello

(415) 238-6561
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