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Accountants — Embrace the opportunity to improve your practice with the Sage Practice Growth Plan. Explore the 7 pillars of learning to gain knowledge and implement the tools of tomorrow.

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The Sage Practice Growth Plan will take you on an educational journey into the Practice of Now, demonstrating how knowledge can give you the competitive advantage.

Discover the Sage Practice Growth Plan

How the Sage Practice Growth Plan will transform your practice

Accounting is a changing and challenging profession –
New technology, regulation, competition and a war on talent are altering the Practice of Now.

Accountants need to learn new skills, anticipate the future and reorient their thinking to put their firm ahead. Innovation starts with you! Therefore adapt and stay relevant by embracing new technology and embarking on a transformational journey.

The Sage Practice Growth Plan is based on conversations with many accounting professionals and consists of 7 pillars of learning. Select the pillars that are most relevant to you, and acquire the skills and information needed to grow, both personally and for your practice.

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Embrace the opportunity and let knowledge help you grow.

7 Pillars of Learning

7 modules to help your firm achieve a competitive advantage and become a Practice of Now

Core Beliefs
Core Beliefs

Establish your mission, vision and values to determine how you lead

Discover Core Beliefs

Explore the landscape to better predict your firm’s future

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Define your behaviours and beliefs to decide how you will evolve

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Common Language
Common Language

Empower your firm with a strong, shared identity

Learn about Language

Embrace change and gain new skills

Master Competencies

Grow your business by supporting your people

Engage with Colleagues
Collaborative Systems
Collaborative Systems

Take on the technology of the future

Embrace Collaboration

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