I'm not going to say it again.

He was a poet and a diplomat.

This book hasn't yet been translated into French.

Some people are good at remembering their dreams, others forget theirs.

Tim likes to wear dark colors.

I have stomach ache.


This movie isn't that interesting, is it?


We are looking forward to receiving your quote as soon as possible.

*Breathing intensifies.*

I insist on that.


Blayne was extremely helpful.

Nobody likes you.

We want to know what this project is going to cost us.

Do you want to go to the zoo?

I can't really trust Sanity.

Many people think that children spend too much time watching television.

She's totally ignoring me.

I hate when other people make me wait a long time.

"Your work has been causing a lot of complaints from customers; I'm ordering you to leave immediately." "Oh, up yours! I didn't want to work here in the first place."

The snow began to fall so thickly that the little boy could not see his own hand.

It is history which repeats itself.


Joanne is more scared of Rudolf than she is of him.

I'll ring them tomorrow when I come home.

If you see a suspicious person, please inform the police.

It's not bad here.

No man alive would believe it.

Gay marriage should be legal.

I consider Dustin one of my closest friends.

Not my problem.

The Lady of the Lake was the ruler of Avalon.

I don't want to drive.

I see you've got your appetite back.

Sir wanted to impress Lyndon.

That's usually a good sign.

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We are late because our car had a breakdown.


I was very surprised to hear the news.

Man is, at one and the same time, a solitary being and a social being.

I think it is best not to be impolite.

When did you do that?

Jose knows we believe in him.

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Randy said he needed some time to work things out.

You must not think about your immediate profit only.

I'm well aware of the risk.

I must go, it's late!

I read this book when I was in high school.

That almost made me laugh.

They got it.


Blake doesn't want to make Andy angry.

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Kristen, I need your help.


I'm the one who brought John here.

He is capable as a lawyer.

We're finally on the right track.

It never occurred to me that he loved me.

We are grateful for the music he left behind.

He's a platoon sergeant.

I contacted her.

Kristin just barely earns enough to live on.

The shelling continued all day.

I work as much as you.

I'd never betray you.


I didn't know that this word came from Hebrew.

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Such things often happen by accident rather than by design.

Just tell me what you need.

Let me have a look.

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Phiroze went rollerskating with a friend.

That's what I'm focused on.

Deb gave us permission to leave.


I have been writing this manuscript for a year.

I teach Chinese.

We were proud of Hitoshi.

The merchant accumulated tremendous fortune during the postwar era.

I hope that my girlfriend will come.

There is no easy cure-all for old economic ills.

They both fell in love with the same woman.

Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, and other mammals.

I realize there's more here than meets the eye.


After all, he succeeded in passing the exam.


It isn't easy to teach little kids.


My father will not be busy tomorrow.

He gazed at the ceiling for a long time.

What time do you want me to be at work tomorrow?

There is a shortage of money in Brian's wallet and bank account.

The new phone book is here!

He has just come here by taxi.

Dana paid me 300 dollars not to tell.


Sekar looks a bit embarrassed.

I'm not a crook.

The meeting will be put off.

The man would jump at our offer of a half price bargain sale.

My boss is a jerk.

When women love us, they forgive us everything, even our crimes; when they do not love us, they give us credit for nothing, not even our virtues.

I thought you wanted this.

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With the rise of Puritanism the very existence of Christmas was threatened.

Phooey. I'm late again.

I eat lunch here two or three times a week.

I have no idea of what I want to become.

What you're saying is perfectly viable, but I can't shake off my unease.


Should Hindi be taught in schools across India?

I'd hoped you might be here.

Money, not love, makes the world go round.

Do you mind if I call you Kuldip?

Pasta is Fernando's province.

I think she probably just thinks of herself as one of the boys.

Marcia is still sick.

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The note was from Suu.

The hotness of this tea is making my cup too hot to hold.

We agreed on a date for the next meeting.

In this country, even universities are free of charge.

I need you to bring it to me.

Price doesn't know anything about Boston.

You don't need to worry about me anymore.

I don't understand politics.

I am watching this video.

I don't recall seeing them.

At this language centre, about 15 international languages are taught, including English.


Hey, that's a good idea.


One must not violate the constitution.


Are you serious about what you're saying?

The smell brought back memories of a night some years before.

This building is the architect's crowning achievement.

I got very sleepy.

You don't even know where you are.


You might see me there.

Though a man may go out to battle a thousand times against a thousand men, if he conquers himself, he is the greatest conqueror.

Shakil is starting to lose hope.


Will artificial intelligence grow to kill humankind?

Gail isn't wearing his glasses.

This is the medicine I was telling you about.

It's simpler and more reliable.

Anderson requires constant care.

She was very delighted with my gift.

My dad doesn't let me go to the cinema alone.

Many consider seven to be a lucky number.

Can't we start over?

Your shift ends at 2:30.

The truth bears hatred.


Among the products of this region, cotton predominates.

I was moved to pity.

I showed the ticket at the gate.


We have three days left.

Is Craig really the manager?

My sister is twenty-one years old and a college student.

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The salad is very salty.

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Unfortunately, she is absent.

"It was boring," Mason added.

Raghu took 300 dollars from his wallet and gave it to Tad.

There's a better explanation.

According to mythology, Prometheus stole the sacred fire from the gods.

He was absent from school yesterday.

Les knows it's over.


I asked Mayo why he had gone to Boston.

Don't miss the opportunity.

Graham Greene is my favourite writer.

I'm sorry to hear that Susan broke his leg.

I didn't get an email from my company today.

You guys can do it if you try.

At last, he realized his mistakes.

That's his horse.

I was thinking about them.

That's so good.

The alarm clock is ringing.

Maria said that you wanted to study abroad.

Do you want to file a complaint?

"When will you be back?" "It all depends on the weather."

You are a wolf in sheep's clothing.


I not only gave him some advice, I also gave him a fellatio.

I was awake the whole time.

Can it be fixed?