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The picture above is Christmas 2005. Its me, my wonderful wife Kathryn, and Katie our West Highland Terrier. We do things alittle different here !!

Here is a tribute to Corky, our previous Westy


Pull your boots may get a little deep here !!

The substance is a little thin so I try to cover with cute graphics

They are more fun anyhow !!

Hi, My name is SwampRatt. I live in Sitka, Alaska which has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Sitka is on an island in S.E. Alaska and our road system is quite short, about 7 mi. each side of town. I retired on Aug. 1st 2002 after 30 years with the State of Alaska as Head Gardener for the Sitka Pioneer's Home, a state operated retirement home. I spend my time now walking, taking pictures, and playing Everquest online.

Here is our LOCAL WEATHER.

Chances are its raining... Click for Sitka, Alaska Forecast We get 100 inches a year !!!


Since I retired, Katie (our dog) and I spend our mornings walking in Sitka National Historical Park. I enjoy photography and 'Totem Park' as its known to us locals is a great place for beautiful scenes and wildlife. I post some of the pictures I take here:

Wildlife Photos >>>> PalusMus Pics <<<< Nature Photos

(PalusMus is Latin for SwampRatt)

Here's some pictures of the Pioneer Home Gardens. I hope you enjoy them.


Click the Garden Gate to Enter

I enjoy helping people with their gardening problems so if you have a garden or house plant question, send it to me here: and I will do my best to help you out.

Our son Ira is a very talented young man. He sings, dances, plays the piano and is a wonderful actor. He toured Europe for a year with "Up With People". He visited Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Finland, Netherlands and Canada before the tour ended in the summer of 2000.

To learn more about this wonderful organization visit thier web site by clicking here


You can Email Ira at:

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Heres some cool places to visit!!

Here is a link to my EverQuest guild on the Povar server

The Huggs HomePage (Sitka Links)

Berry Island Adventures (In Sitka)

I retired from the Executive Board of Public Employees Local 71 but I'm still proud to display a link to the Local 71 Home Page

Ya'll Come Back Now !!

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