This medicine will do wonders for a runny nose.

Are you a detective?

Cris wants to say yes, but he can't.

We need to find a solution soon.

Nick suffers from asthma.

Do you have a cheaper room?

No wonder he failed the exam, after wasting so much time like that.

"Those letters are all the wrong way around!" "No, it's supposed to be like that, it's Russian."

It's so obvious that it's a lie!

We were probably followed.

Grant fell for the oldest trick in the book.

She shuddered at the thought of snakes.


Is Randell going to be at the party tonight?

I'm beginning to believe it.

Are you going away this summer?

My father brought me here by car.

The movie we watched was in French with English subtitles.

Syun is very fast, isn't he?

There's no evidence to suggest that Edward was the killer.

Your resume is very impressive.

I have done all my homework and now I am completely free until Monday.

Piercarlo didn't have to tell me this, but he did.

Humans are the only animals that wear clothes.


I am not going anywhere.

My upstairs neighbors are very noisy.

Why doesn't Marika work as a Japanese-Finnish translator?

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You were late, weren't you?

Bonnie is the most boring person I know.

Would you mind my smoking here?


I finished reading this novel in under three days.

Call me before you leave.

Give him the message when he comes back.


I don't have to tell you anything.

He lost his temper with me.

Markus hasn't changed a bit since college.

Mari has been in Hungary.

I have a list of things I need to do.

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You got the answer right.

I don't want to get you into trouble.

I can't come to see you every day.

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I spent a week at my uncle's.


You can eat lunch here in this room.

He earns three times as much as I do.

On some computer boards, the capabilities or configuration was set using a dip switch mounted on the board; today these settings are done in software

The Germans have won again.

Dog food is getting more expensive.


You must not be afraid of making mistakes when learning a language.

Do you still not want to go?

I didn't ask you out.


I've met that girl before.


Prakash doesn't play video games.

What just happened here?

He prided himself on his punctuality.


He threw away a bunch of old letters.

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We won't need your help today.


The snake was the one who tempted Eve.


I don't know if they still live there.

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Monty opened the door to the conference room.

Put a mark on this page.

If I don't go to the supermarket, I won't be able to prepare anything to eat this evening.

Don't tell Kit and Marian.

How can you even ask that question?


Has Gregg seen this?

The explosion may have been caused by a gas leak.

What's the good news?


He wrote a lot of stories.

I was born to make you happy.

Olof claims you stole her pearls.

It was very distressing.

My mother never wanted to be just a housewife.

The park lies in the center of the city.

I thought you weren't going to get here on time.

He looked around the house.

Kim should do it right now.


In many restaurants in Turkey, kebab is the main entree.

You should choose a job in relation to your talents and interests.

"Have you ever seen Rodger with a handbag?" "Judy? No, never."


There's proper etiquette for everything, even an orgy.

Is it that hard?

This table is missing a leg.

The crowd looked shocked.

In the 27th century, weather control made it rain three hours, once a week, every Thursday.

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I'm happy in here.

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This tea is too hot to drink.

"I dreamed of you yesterday." "Seriously? And what was I doing?"

Al lived in the Soviet Union, huge and multinational one, at the large Tver Region equal to several English counties in size.

All girls love horses.

I've decided to trust him.

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Please enjoy your stay at this hotel.

I'm having a very hard time finding parts for my car.

Julius seems to be having trouble talking.


I'll meet you at the ball park.

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Brett dropped Jeannette off in front of John's.


Security was very tight.

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First they met the watch-dog, who was going to leap on them and tear them to pieces; but they threw the remains of their bread to him, and he ate them and wagged his tail.


If we were to live on the moon, how large would the earth look?

You volunteered for this.

Ms. Takada accused the boy of copying another student's homework.

I got my bicycle repaired.

Do you remember his telephone number?

That's Skef's sister.

She treated her broken leg.

I have to say I envy you.

He affected not to hear me.

Oscar is quite competitive.

Cookie's mother died of cancer.

She had a mole on her face.

Do you think we'll have good weather tomorrow?

Randy is a book lover.

Urs will take the 2:30 train.

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Scoot over.


Do you think this is real?

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You're right, there's a lot to do. Let's get started then!

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Who wants to learn Japanese?


Norman didn't miss his watch until he got home.

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Her cooking is the best.

It's got to work this time.

He finished breakfast.


My uncle lives in London.

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Even at nighttime, it was not quiet and peaceful any more.

No, I never said that.

I know that's impossible.

She was beside herself with rage when she heard the remark.

Buy me a drink.


Why are we dealing with him?

Can you guess the worth of the diamond?

Can you cash these for me?

It's getting full of soldiers.

Stop. It's not funny.

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I wish girls found me as attractive as they find Floyd.

Let's keep looking.

I saw a dog with one paw bandaged.

Do you think I'm cynical?

Who wants to know?

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I pushed Trent into the water.


Carolyn ordered a strawberry shake.


I'm happy to have you here, Lenora.

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I may need a few days off next week.

I think I impressed Robbin.

How often do you eat junk food?

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Go somewhere else. I want to be alone.

Let's get out of Thad's way and let him do his job.

He is good at basketball.

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I don't like the idea of them going without us.

I like tall, beautiful women with long black hair.

Hazel felt a pain in his side.


Tyler listened to my opinion.

Do you really want to know why Scot doesn't like you?

I can't give you the answer today.


We can solve these problems more easily if we work on them together.

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This is a terrible tragedy.

Our high school decides to adopt a new teaching method.

Are you leaving Boston?