He made a great fortune in his lifetime.

Leith is worried about what Charlie will do.

Ramneek put on his shoes.

She is less intelligent than you.

What did you do last Sunday?

Your bag is on my desk.

Don't forget that we have chores.

Those were Erik's last words.


I don't want to be the one to tell Everett that.

Kuldip can't seem to find a decent job.

I bought them snacks.

I collect rare coins.

It's written in black and white. How can you be in doubt?


I tried not to do that.


Eating ice cream always puts me in a happy mood.

This dictionary isn't the most recent version.

The papers got blown away.

Hugh has swallowed it.

Everyone believed in you.

Do you think I care?

Are you taking any other medications?

It was worth trying.

Hurf didn't realize how late it was getting.

I charged them too much money for their room.

What hours is it open?

Don't go in the kitchen!

In the end I came up with a great idea.

You'll like this.

I dare not go back.

Sean couldn't have done it without Hillary's help.

He is allergic to house dust.

Let's do something new.

The shops in the street were for the most part closed.

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Can I take your photograph?

You weren't there, were you?

Not every country belongs to the U.N.

However, controls and paperwork should be focused on where they are really needed.

Hume said he wasn't going to wait for permission.

I think it's time for me to move on.

I like things like horumonyaki!

He's a kind and thoughtful man.

He's pale because he's sick.

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Chet says that he's fed up with this hot weather.


I could hardly make out what she said.


Why don't we go out and get drunk?

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Roxana is an amateur photographer.

In short, it is because the 'plan.doc' file I attached in the previous email was infected with a virus.

Is it OK if I start?

Morgan was very fond of Slartibartfast.

History tends to repeat itself.


I experienced a sense of well-being and was neither hungry nor thirsty.


Meehan said he hasn't seen Willie.

I couldn't do that even if I wanted to.

The suspect committed an act of industrial espionage.

The nurses were run off their feet every day.

She looks young, but as a matter of fact she is older than you are.

How often does that happen?

There is no result for this search (yet) but you can help us feeding the corpus with new vocabulary!

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Kristen has been sick in bed for three weeks.

He has attained to years of discretion.

I'm somewhat dizzy.

The jet made a whining sound as it soared overhead.

I wish we could help you.


She came to see me the other day.

We paid a heavy price for this victory.

He declined in health.

Gregor's pulse is racing.

Where's the nearest subway station?

Marco keeps her laptop with her at all times.

She's much better today than yesterday.

Sharada inherited a lot of money.

There's a spring in the center of the village.


I have already finished reading this book.

Casualties were inevitable.

Matthieu warned us.

Everyone were discouraged after they got their results.

I thought this looked familiar.


The rain made the autumn day dismal.

Peel and dice the onions.

Dan savagely beat Linda while their son looked on.


Why do we call Hanukkah The Festival of Lights?

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Rebecca thinks he knows who Kerri's favorite musician is.

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Rajesh didn't help anybody.

They go to church on Sundays.

Haste is waste.

He helped an old lady get up from her seat.

He is used to making speeches.

I know you helped Bernard.

Dan realized that he was in love with Linda.

Most of my friends are guys.

I've lost the key to my room.

We're thrilled to be back.

My father is dead.

He has no political ambition.

It's been predicted for 2 months.

Our teacher says: "Of course you can."

We'll have to fall back on our reserves.


When was the last time you ate dinner with your parents?

If fired upon, you're permitted to return fire.

Nelken isn't a good student.

After the storm, it was calm.

Are you sure you're up to this?


I can't go on living this lie.

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Guess what I'm holding in my hand.

He is keen on jazz.

Kelly did it for the money.


Nothing's going to go wrong.

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Tell her that I'm sorry.

Owing to the storm, they arrived late.

Why don't we call it a day and go home?

I still feel bad.

Christophe was a really good kid.

We want a woman who's good at cooking.

What is your favorite sound?

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I will go to Athens.

It must be a warning.

Steam is rising from the pot.


They are.

Spring is in the air.

You're a bigot.

Casey isn't very dependable.

Though he is more than sixty years old, he looks young.

The titles might correspond.

I play a lot with my cousins, nieces and nephews.

Once the work is done, usually around half past five, I come home to have dinner.

Joubert was cowering behind his bar.


Age will not weary them.

Nice to meet you!

I bought this car at a bargain.

Bernard can't take this case; he has a clear conflict of interest.

Ole is kind of tired. He wants to go home.

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Rafael didn't like the idea of Barrett going out with John.

Wine is bottled poetry.

The majority was for him.


They need to work tomorrow.

We can't leave you here.

I've been wrong.


"Are you sure he's not up to something?" "Look, I appreciate your concern, I do, but we don't have enough reason to worry about this now."

There were no more free seats.

Everybody was listening intently to Spock.

The party went to China by sea.

Why don't you go back to where you came from?


We'll settle on that.

I thought about the future.

Buy some tofu on your way home.

She couldn't wait to see the look on his face.

I thought it might be nice for us to spend some time together.

Let's stay in close contact.

A dog can't climb up a wall.


My parents don't know where I am.

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Better an end with horror than a horror without end.


She decided to resign her job.


That's just what I needed.

We did everything we could.

I noticed her hands shaking.

You should trim your fingernails.

Colin yanked Terri's ponytail.

I'm a snob, and proud of it.

His work showed want of care.

I wish I had more money.

Whether he succeeds or fails, he has to do his best.

Facebook closed her page.

Ask her when she will come back.

I'll deal with them.

I don't know why Phill would do that.


I've lost a little weight.