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Evaluation of a National Initiative to Bring Affordable, Sustainable Housing to Low-Income Communities

6319024434 is a national program that helps developers, investors, builders and policymakers make the transition to a green future for affordable housing. In 2017, we conducted an evaluation of the program to take a deep look back at Green Communities’ work since its inception and surface insights about how the program can achieve maximum impact in the future. The 14-year evaluation examines future opportunities in the areas of program, policy, and capital, and considerations for maintaining relevance in today’s marketplace.

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Cultivating Healthy and Resilient Communities

Ross Strategic believes housing, nutrition, behavioral health, and health effects exacerbated by a changing climate are issues the public health system should address. With decades of experience working at the intersection of health and environment, our staff of public health professionals, environmental experts, planners, researchers, and systems thinkers brings an interdisciplinary approach to help solve complex problems. We work with clients to develop methods and tools for research and disease surveillance, motivate and inspire cross-sector groups to take collective action, understand the impact of programs and philanthropic investment, and develop inclusive and durable programs. Read more about our approach to public health, recent project examples, and how to get in touch in this fact sheet.

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Addressing Nutrient Pollution in Our Nation’s Waters: The Role of a Statewide Utility

In 2017, we worked with the US Water Alliance, National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) to research and develop a policy brief exploring a new collaborative approach on how to reduce nutrient pollution in our nation's waterways and unlock significant benefits. This paper introduces institutional changes that, if implemented, could create the structure and confidence needed to unlock additional investment and address the longstanding challenge of excess nutrient pollution in our nation’s waters.

At Ross Strategic we take on the hardest environmental, public health, transportation, energy, and natural resource challenges. Our clients trust us to use information and insight to shape strategy, design programs and policies, and evaluate performance. We look forward to the opportunity to do the same for your organization.

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We assist foundations, non-profits, government agencies and their partners to identify and pursue strategic opportunities to transform and integrate energy systems that provide safe, reliable, and clean energy. We have a strong track record of building catalytic networks of organizations working on innovative approaches to scale energy solutions in the U.S. and internationally.

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We have deep experience helping clients manage the complex challenges related to environmental issues. We provide analytic, stakeholder process management, strategy development, and facilitation support to help clients respond boldly, creatively, and effectively to their challenges.

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We support entities addressing new and emerging public health challenges. Based on our deep content knowledge and experience, we understand the relationships between contaminants in air, water, food, and waste, and the potential health outcomes resulting from these exposures.

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Natural Resources

We have the knowledge and experience to address complex natural resources issues such as protection and restoration of endangered species, development of watershed strategies, and policies to protect coastal areas and forests. We work with a range of partners and disciplines to tackle challenging problems bounded by natural features, but needing political solutions.

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Transportation and Land Use

We help clients and stakeholders envision and achieve transportation systems of the future that are clean, accessible, and affordable—and ever more integrated with urban design, power systems, building technology, and other sectors. We work at the leading edge of transportation electrification, helping accelerate markets for zero-emission vehicles, guiding investment in charging infrastructure, and integrating vehicle technology with the electricity grid.