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Our athletic meet took place only three days ago.

I can't eat.

I made her laugh.


I'd like you to look after my dog.

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Could you carry this box for me, please?

Have you ever flown in a blimp?

Your tea will get cold if you don't drink it now.

He'll freeze to death out here.

Do you have any idea who did it?

Sanand is young, isn't he?

Who brought you?

I caught Laura going through my papers.

I've never heard that expression before.


She was an intelligent woman with an erotic aura.


They should lock him up and throw away the key.

Jingbai is nice to everybody.

Do you have a Youtube channel?


How are you going to catch her?

Do you need them?

I study English half an hour every day.

Don't you recognize that guy?

You shall have this money.

Do you all believe in God?

I'm glad that's settled.

If I don't get to Boston for the convention, my boss will fire me.

You could never do that.

I'm going to let you go.

He is a man who loves ceremonies.

Don't drink too much, okay?

You've invited your friends as well?

I'm happy with what I have.

He took hope from that fact.


Shyam knew who Ira wanted to give the bottle of wine to.

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Many people attended his funeral.

Don't tell me it was really a demand for money from debt collectors?

A person giving a speech should stand where everyone can see him.

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The air feels somewhat cold this morning.

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There wasn't much sugar in the pot.

Doyle suffers from osteoporosis.

She is getting older.

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Even Rome was built in one day.

Nothing's wrong with the engine, but my car won't move.

Nuclear weapons are a threat to all humanity.


Allen would have apologized to Antonella if he had thought it was important.

I know nothing about him beyond what you told me.

Gregg's unhappy.

Gently in manner, strongly in deed.

The result is a continual search for food in a changing environment.


Do you have any water?

Let's turn off the telly.

It's unlikely that our team will win.

He contributed to the development to the city.

I'll tell Donne the truth when the time comes.

Gabriel doesn't need to make that decision now.

I can't hit her back. She's a woman.


Have the neighbors complained?

I wish that were possible.

Men have Adam's apples.

Gideon seems like a happy child.

I found them there.

You remind me of my son.

We're fixing it up.

Are you frivolous?

We're not supposed to have these.

Do you read while you're eating lunch?

Little did I think that I would ever see her again.

Do you have change for a fifty?

I'm sure you'll like them.


But the person in charge is there precisely to take responsibility.


May I speak with Judy?

You don't want to go there.

Spin the wheel around.

He has a persecution complex.

The woman's hair is quite short.


The post office is on the other side of the river.

They're my allies.

As you know, life is compared with a voyage.


Page saw me give Billie some money.

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How can I reach Julie?

The nurses look after the patient day and night.

It happened when Siegurd was in Boston.

I've been through this before.

The party ended at midnight.

I perspired under my armpits.

My hobby is reading comics.

Why go to all that trouble?

Was this basement thoroughly searched?


Malloy has been poisoned.

The boat is to leave for England this evening.

I could not persuade him that it was true.

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Let's hope so.

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This is a very funny story.

What do you think of his suggestion?

I was up all night doing homework.

Stay as long as you want to.

The picture is hung crooked.

Floyd felt very sleepy.

Did you have dreams?


These athletes are putting their health at risk by using steroids.


I'd like you to meet her.

She has moved house six times since she came here.

Children walk around from door to door on Halloween night.

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It was then that my father's reproof had come home to me.

Let's see what comes up.

It didn't look that easy.


That you will leave this town, saddens me.

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She is a maniac.

He awaits his examination results so he can choose an appropriate course at University.

We want complete sentences.

I didn't ask you to come back.

I went climbing in the Alps.

It's natural that she should get angry.

Everyone suggest me to stay in bed, but I want to go out and enjoy.

He resumed his work after a short break.

Kevan, as always, is inimitable!

Which year was your dog born?

Your secret is safe with me.

Ralf hopes that he'll meet Isabelle this evening.

There are a number of movie theaters in this city.

I think she is a good dancer.

You are young. I, on the contrary, am very old.

I usually work from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but today I worked until 10:00 p.m.

I didn't get the joke.

Nobody wants to say something about my country.

I have a delivery to make.


In two years, Pierrette wasn't complimented once, and never heard a single kind word.

I don't know how to cook too many things.

Charleen lent King his bicycle last week.

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She cast a glance at him.


It is thoughtful of you to remind me of my promise.

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She is a good English speaker.


You need to keep trying until you get it right.

What happened to that?

The American economy suffered a recession.

I really feel like I learned something worthwhile today.

Do you have any idea where Beverly might be waiting?

Denis introduced Betsy to his friends.

He listened very carefully in order not to miss a single word.

Rodney still hasn't taken down his Christmas tree.

Right. So you had three months.


Something's dawned on me.

They honored me on my birthday.

I'm sure they're working on solving the problem.


It is plain that he is wrong.

How does the matter stand?

I can't sit for the examination because I am ill.

Tony may be right.

It is said in the summer it's nice here.

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Who is this strikingly handsome young man?

Dan always sleeps with the right side of his head on the pillow.

It's my turn to tell you a secret.

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I little hoped to meet you here.

You don't look too busy.

Is there anything else you need?

At the seminar, they threw us all together into groups and made us talk together.

The patient made a full recovery.


When did we decide this?

She's what?

Looking outside, it's beginning to rain.

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He is justice.

It would take too long to explain.

Time to eat!