Dan lived in a nice apartment.

I didn't try to kill him.

I wasn't able to catch the ball.


I really want people to like me.

We loved Boston.

My daughter held on to my coat sleeve and would not let me go.


She's cooking.

It's always a little bit different.

Are you sure it was her?


Rose and lilies are in bloom in the garden. I like these better than those.

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Jasmine and lavender are my favorite scents.


At the party, everybody was well-dressed.

It was very cold, and then before long it began to rain on top of it.

I ate lunch in the cafeteria.


I love you in spite of your many, but so many, infinite mental problems.


What for?

The sun is much larger than the moon.

Varda wanted to know the truth.


I'm a doctor, Jim. Not a lawyer.


Tell me what your father does.

Tor knows Pam very well.

That wasn't the truth.

Robert is Brazilian. His father is Canadian.

Novels aren't being read as much as they were in the past.

Sherri didn't have the strength.

I am working with full steam.


There are no books under the desk.


What you said is, in a sense, true.


He was kind enough to lend me money.


I have a home in the mountains.

Wear warm clothes in winter.

It's quite large.

I cannot trust what she says.

I thought Nichael was bluffing.

Suspense is the very stuff of narrative.

Tokyo is larger than Yokohama.


What might Saumya look like? Can he be tall? Does he have brown hair? Does he wear glasses?

Wes and Tareq met in Boston three years ago.

You're not hurt.

I'm allowed to change my mind, aren't I?

I dress lightly all the time.

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Leads's free.

Please fill in the letters.

Nothing else really matters.


I'm not ready to do that yet.

Life without love has no meaning at all.

Maybe I drink too much.


I was asked to wait here.

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Everyone crowded around the fantastic dancer.

Do you have any soft drinks?

Did Petr escape?


Marie suffered from indigestion when she ate rich food.

Let me hold it.

Floyd has nothing to do.

Drop in at my house any time you want.

I really want this telephone.


Mayuko came out of the room.

Sedovic stepped on my foot.

I just told everybody that we need their help.


Your dad is really cool.

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The way to make something fun is to turn it into a competition.

She's uninsured.

"This party's boring." "That's why Lar left."

None of this is real.

I was so hungry that I ate it.

I can't disagree with that.

He is as tall as any boy in his class.


I owe my success to the fact that I've never had a clock in my workplace.

Move it, Robin.

Will you pay off the damages in full on the dot?


What time are you meeting me?

Stanislaw stayed in bed for three months.

Ben looked like he was relaxed.

I would never betray my partner.

I hope you had a good time at the party.

I'm gay, so?

I expect you to be ready by 2:30.

You shouldn't let the children watch so much television.

The difference between a standalone sentence and a sentence in the middle of an essay is that the latter has context.

I know what really happened to Patricio.

Christina is quite rich, isn't he?

By the time I came, he'd gone away.

That's not the reason why I said the job wasn't easy.

I'm going to go out and get us something to eat.

I told you not to move.

Hillel impressed me.

Get your hand off me.

They grow flowers in the garden.

No, he is my friend, Doctor Watson.


I didn't like her at first, but now I do.

I think you're forgetting something.

"Hey, look what I can do!" "I'm trying to work, Jerome."

I'm trying to avoid her.

If you want to unscrew these screws, you should use a screwdriver.

I've been trying to figure out who Neville might have given the money to.

Adlai remained miserable in his marriage.

Don't you think it's strange that he's not here?

The knight is not so much brave as reckless.

Sekar sounded a little disappointed.

Rahul helped us do that.

I used to love it when Pierce came over to visit.

This kind of food is really popular in Boston.

Moses doesn't like fish.

Vincent said that I had to go.

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This is a movie which combines education with entertainment.

I've rewritten the sentence just for you.

We're very efficient.

I'm considering going with them.

I was pressed by their questioning and slipped into telling an obvious lie.


Why were you absent yesterday?

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She is very dear to me.

Phill talks about Vinod a lot.

There are beautiful flowers in the garden.


The weather changed quickly.

He can't accommodate himself to his circumstances.

My son is ashamed of his behavior.

I'm never going to figure this out.

It is as good as lost.


We're waiting, Darci.

My father painted the letterbox red.

Loukas is bigger than you are.

I itch everywhere.

I know it wasn't him.

How did they do?

We don't want to overwhelm them.

Jeany bought the same camera that Nanda has.

Bright white cloud-tops reflect a lot of sunlight back into space. But clouds also blanket Earth, keeping some of its heat from escaping.

When I got worried and went to check on him, it looked like he'd barricaded himself in the department's toilet and wasn't coming out.

Amanda was the one who asked all the questions.

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She didn't pass me without speaking to me.

Refined sugar is bad for your health.

This book is overdue.

I don't want to wear this stupid tie.

Our teacher had us learn the poem by heart.

I shouldn't gossip.

We go to school by bus.


I cannot hate you.


I'm going to find out who broke this window.

After slapping Miek's right cheek, Mahmoud stomped on his left foot.

All the passengers died, but the pilot and copilot survived.

I've suffered from an inferiority complex for several years.

He sold his shares with a very good profit.

Kanthan can't help Griff.

My English is not good at all.


Belief in miracles is popular.

A colossal earthquake ripped through the city.

I wouldn't worry about it.


Jane has made great progress in Japanese.


They ran upstairs.

All voices were extinguished in the climax.

When the rock singer appeared on the stage, the audience at the concert clapped loudly.

He spent the night in a homeless hostel.

His act was dangerous.

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He came when I was out.

Stop being a crybaby.

Your dog is very big.

Your answer almost amounts to a threat.

Nick overpowered the guard and took his gun.

If no one says anything it means everything is fine.

So, my enemy, I won't let you attempt on the holy of holies of my heart, you will pay for it, I promise.


John is cheerful by nature.