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Highest Quality Pressure Washers

Pressure Systems Innovations, LLC was formed by a group of industry professionals with over 100 years experience in the industrial pressure washer market. PSI pressure washers are manufactured with pride in the USA, in south Florida, the birthplace of the US cold water pressure washer market. Our machines are built to the highest standards with meticulous attention to detail. Our machines are 100% factory tested and set to assure our customers receive the highest quality pressure washers, every time.

PSI was founded on the simple principle that everybody would rather buy a high quality pressure washer from an expert, rather than from someone who is not. This is why PSI pressure washers will never be found in the big box stores or shipped blindly from some internet company who only understands computers, not pressure washers. PSI pressure washers can only be found in conjunction with authorized, full-service PSI dealers. PSI dealers are pressure washer experts. They support and service the equipment they sell giving you the piece of mind that your pressure washer will perform the same today and on into the future.

PSI dealers have decades of experience helping customers select the right pressure washer for their application and budget. Their knowledge of the pressure washer market, the latest products, local laws, and understanding of high pressure washers and accessories are unrivaled. Discover the PSI Innovations difference, and the unmatched experience of buying from a PSI dealer.

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