We were welcomed by the Captain.

I can not seem to explain to you how difficult it is.


He was a weak and delicate child.


You must be very excited.

Did you tell on him?

Lately everyone seems happy.

Do you have a shoehorn?

She went to Chicago by bus.

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If you drink, don't drive. If you drive, don't drink.

My questions concern the phenomenal world.

It occurred to me that there's a book that I need to return today.

That job was not very interesting, but on the other hand it was well paid.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

I'm using the hammer right now.

You kids must be tired.

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The teacher admonished us that we should be silent.


There is little danger of an earthquake.

Bernie has a sense of humor.

I've got sore eyes.


Sandeep started giggling.

Tell them not to come.

Marilyn's lifeless body was found in a wood.


Who else do you know here?

It's time to get moving!

If someone comes looking for me, would you please tell them that I'm not in?

The question is who will make the decision.

A cup of coffee refreshed me.

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My little brother always sleeps with his teddy bear.

You don't need me to tell you that.

Every time I read this book, I find something new.

Even though Raja has a very demanding job, he always makes time for Thuan and the kids.

Are you people lost?

When they woke up they saw a stone lying next to them.

This year is 2011.

The man's third attempt to stop smoking ended in failure.

Have you all lost your minds?

We have something we want to tell you.

I live in town.

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One is red and the other is white.

I never knew you cared about me.

Michael is already an adult, but he still lives with his mother.


I get the feeling that the floor is cold.

Olivier took a cab.

I'll definitely miss you.

Are you alright?

The evening of the same day saw our bus reach the scene of the accident.

I haven't been in contact with Mr Smith recently.

The aggression was provoked by all those gratuitous insults.


I know someone who can help you.

I'll agree to your terms.

This is the hospital where Roland was born.


My idleness will become my doom.


I cannot build a house. I don't have money.

How about going to the movie tonight?

I want to marry her.

It's been a hard night for Terri.

I found out why Trevor didn't want to come.


Spacesuits protect astronauts from extreme hot and cold temperatures, harmful space dust and radiation. They also give astronauts oxygen to breathe and water to drink during spacewalks.

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It felt like forever.

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Please don't go in there.


He works on the farm from sunrise to sunset.


The bathtub was filled with hot water and flower petals.

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There'll come a day when you'll regret doing that.

Recently, more and more countries have prohibited smoking.

I've never been asked to do anything like this before.

What's your favorite brand of electronics?

The Ribbon of Saint George is a symbol of fascism.

I've got to find out what's going on.

Did I have a choice?

They're always fighting.

He makes wine from grapes.


I repair broken phones.

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That strategy obviously didn't work.

She showed hardly any interest in the photos.

This play was adapted from the novel.

Unlike him, his son is tall.

I have seen nobody apart from you.

Can my daughter go to school?

She tied up the package with string.


Does this look good on me?

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That's a significant step forward.

Let's talk about ways that we might prevent this from happening again in the future.

Did you have to rewrite the paper?

I was as cool as a cucumber.

He and I are pretty much the same build.

Lievaart died a number of years ago.

You can't judge a book by its cover.


I'm pretty sure Caleb is bluffing.


I don't know how to use a VCR.


Her mother lives in the country all by herself.


Turn off the light as you go out.

Is he looking at me?

I appreciate the hospitality.

I couldn't hear anything you said.

Do you think you'll need that?

This isn't the way to Jordan's house.

We did nothing wrong.

They split up after a year of marriage.

I cannot get tired of Taninna. I love her so much.

You had better not tell your father about the accident.

He pulled out a notebook.

What time will you be back?

Quintilius Varus, return my legions!

Cats love to run after balls of wool.

That looks like it would be fun to do.

Last night you forgot to turn off the radio, didn't you?

Raymond resumed clearing the table.

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He has something to do with the robbery.


A sudden noise abstracted their attention from the game.

Why did you choose that particular subject?

It was quite fantastic.

I ought to go now.

I'm not a bad student.

I want Calvin gone by the time I get home.

Just stick to the protocol, would you?

He is torn by doubts.

Michael needs to get fit over the summer.


We have more apples than we could eat in a day.

We've made it.

This is so tasty.


The shot this footage.


That custom is quite foreign to the Japanese.

Why don't you want to go?

I told Marek you already knew about it.

Meg sometimes annoys Ken.

My boyfriend and I had sex on the first date.

The airline asked some passengers to give up their seats because the plane was overbooked.

Save a piece of cake for me.

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Children like climbing trees.

Did Pantelis come home?

You'll be the first to know.


I have to exercise.

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The bilingual school teaches English and Portuguese.

Mr Suzuki persuaded his son to drop his plan to study abroad.

Manolis is teaching us French.

William's hobby was astronomy and he devoted most of his free time to making more and more powerful telescopes with which to look deeper into space.

Did you hear what Hui did?


Gregg tried to convince Clifford not to go.


Do you want to work with us?


A strange spectacle happened before my eyes.


We hurried to the train station.

No less than three hundred dollars was needed for the work.

You're just running away from life's problems.


Oxygen reacts with hydrogen to make water.

Did she forget her money?

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised if Shari didn't show up at the party.

There are few, if any, supporters of the plan.

Install Linux!

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My older brother goes fishing every weekend.


Seriously. We're going to have to do something about this.

Tell him what you want to do.

She always speaks to him in a loud voice because he's hard of hearing.

I hate to see you so miserable.

I ran into my aunt by chance in Europe.

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Young people grew up with the Internet.

Maybe it was him.

Where did you splash them?