Vice is flying to Boston tomorrow.


They don't understand me when I speak French.


I'm so pissed off.

You're homesick, aren't you?

They heard wolves howling in the distance.

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It's quite simple. Let me show you.


I have a small favor to ask of you.

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Shel seems to be shy.

Quickly buy all required items.

Radek was a good sport about it.

Really? I had locked it up before I went out.

This should be more than enough.

She loves cats.

The telephone is broken.


In the begynnynge God created heaven and erth.

I'm sure that's not what you want to do.

I know I have it, but I can't put my finger on it.

Why do you treat me like this?

The walls are white plaster.

You are the only one who can help me.

Peace is for wimps.

I don't think that we should go with Sue.

They made Fletcher chairman.

When her alarm clock sounded, Urs was already yawning and stretching.

Are you really Les's brother?

Del has a lot of experience.

You must take the apple.

How are your parents doing?

That's a faster way.

Desperate diseases require desperate remedies.

We'll tell Ssi everything he needs to know.

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What can it be?


Frederick has been generous.

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I'd like to get to know Harry.


Manavendra asked for Kit's address and wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper.

We'd like a double room with bath.

You will go your way, whatever others say.

I don't want you to forget me.

I heard that Tait has left his wife.


You're a good-looking guy.


What songs are you going to sing tonight?

I can't say anything.

Cristopher has lost everything.

What more could a person want?

Andries used to eat out every day, but he can't afford to anymore.

What is it you want right now?

The queen wore a very beautiful silver dress.

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Carol and Rupert have quit talking to each other.


Can you tell one bird from another by hearing them?


She is very talented.

Be careful not to offend Jeannie.

Those trains run every three minutes.


Cathrin doesn't know for certain who Izumi's boyfriend is.

The speaker believes that cosmetic industries mislead women with impossible claims.

I don't think there's anything in the box.

The priest married them last Sunday.

We have extracurricular activities after school.

That won't work!

She took back the coat she lent me.

Misfortune arrives on horseback but departs on foot.

No one in their right mind would walk in those woods at night.

It began to rain five minutes after I left home.

Turn off the gas.


What was the outcome?


I am assured of your help.


Lana is older than any other student in his class.

Hohn and Page were having coffee together out on the porch.

Jay is busy now and can't speak to you.

That's really all I want to say to you.

The gun is jammed.

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The concert has already started.

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I believe it.


I'll call back at four o'clock.

All women are the same.

The accused was romantically linked with the judge.


Her husband is currently living in Tokyo.

What will I write next year?

"I want my dark elf to be blue." "OK... That one's purple. You'll be purple for this week."

You knew it was impossible and even then, you tried.

Tomorrow I am going shopping.

They were disappointed that you could not come.

I'm not what I used to be.


Fortunately, I have never succumbed to the psychosis they call love.


She sleeps with her boss.

I don't mind walking in the rain.

For fifteen days I strove to prove that.

When I opened the door, I found her naked, stretched on the sofa.

After he stated his belief that prostitution was the oldest profession in the world, he refused to change his mind.

There's often a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Many organisations have responded to the recent news regarding the government plans towards education.

I beat my wife.

Something extraordinary happened to me this morning.


It looks like we have company.

I don't know why Chuck is so angry.

A truck hit the dog.


Why don't you go find him?

When did Ken get back?

When we are young, we wander on a path, a path of exploration, a path of ebullience, a path of happiness, a path on which we believe that everything is so magical and that all will go our way; however, when we egress from our rainbow-colored shells, we realize this is only a fabrication of reality.

English is studied in Japan.

It would've been nice if Knut had been here.


Near the door, an elaborate metal robot -- a robot designed to keep away intruders, was standing coldly.

Seenu was praying.

He can't read English, much less German.


Francisco's flight leaves at 2:30.

She has won the regard of the other scientists in her field.

I'd like to take a note of your phone number if you don't mind.


If there's anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Go ahead and try it on.

All at once they began to laugh.

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I am working at home today.

Will you pay cash?

I went swimming with her.

What's Pascal's purpose in going to Boston?

Theodore underlined what he thought was the most important word in the sentence.

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The traffic has built up here.


This is your bag, isn't it?

Dimitry didn't do that.

Sridhar doesn't know where Jagath wants to go.

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Anita remained stoic.


I'll alert them.

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We eat supper about six o'clock.

I assume all our equipment is still up to date.

I'm incredibly busy.

Another event that has the same behaviour would also be fine.

You did this intentionally!

I can't afford a new coat.

Why do men behave like apes, and vice versa?

I have the same question.

They are gray.

Boston is the place I want to be.

Many will be skeptical.

What does "resident alien" mean?

We're likely to continue reading this book up to the end of the year.

Celia has a good idea.

I understand French a little.

I heard she is married with two children.

He imposed laws on the state.

Neville doesn't have long to wait.

I hate that you have to be here.


The fuck is whatever you think it is.

Revised works at a hospital near here.

Page gave me the cold shoulder.

I don't know why, exactly.

You've been waiting all morning.


That's not an issue anymore.

It was stupid. We never should have done it.

Even though Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, Venus is the hottest planet due to the tremendous greenhouse effect caused by the gases in its atmosphere.

The people deprived him of his rights.

Incoming mail can be sorted by name, date, or title.

Hey, what's going on here?

I like the blue.

I wish I could find out who that was.

Bush won all the wars he fought.

We need help in fixing our broken marriage.

Janet only had three hundred dollars.

The bus was late by ten minutes.

Why would anyone want to steal any of these things?

I want political asylum.

Please promise me you won't do that again.

Sjaak is the chief.

I was surprised that she recognized me right away.