I was trying to tell him what had really happened, but he cut me short.

How can you trust them?


You can't do anything right, can you?


We help him.


"Yippee! We're going on an adventure!" shouted little Timothy.

I've always fought to survive.

Why did Jane go to the station?

Who should I address the letter to?

There is a toilet on the fourth floor, too.

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Patrice said that he will call you later.

The police required him to appear.

What time and where could we meet?

I'm always home on Sunday.

We made it on time.

What Sandip said was beside the point.

I want to eat some Korean food that isn't hot and spicy.

A French airliner is cleared for take-off.

I knew your father very well.


Kirk won't be able to be there.

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A haiku is one type of poem.

I think you're being a bit overdramatic.

Prove me wrong.


He had a reputation for carelessness.

Your library is your paradise.

He found it very hard to keep the conversation going.

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The news has just come on the radio.

Sanche waited for Tiefenthal at the station.

I don't claim that we're perfect.

We're almost out of sugar.

I can't agree with Sunil.

It's no longer pitch black outside.

You said you were concerned.


Playing music to me is like reading a book.

There are two things you must remember them is you can't make women frightened,and don't waste good wine.

I don't want to do that.


My son doesn't talk back these days; he must have turned over a new leaf.

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I saw Billy a minute ago.

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Then you suddenly heard a loud bang, like a revolver being fired.


What you're doing right now is a felony.

Valerie gave Gregor a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Why did the tomato go out with a prune? Because it couldn't find a date.

How do you say "love" in French?

What do you want to cook today?

Johnny got evaluated.

When one admits that nothing is certain one must, I think, also admit that some things are much more nearly certain than others.


We may be short of chairs.

Is Kris able to drive a truck?

I could not come to your birthday party.


Jean-Christophe said he'd been spending a lot of time with Naren.

I want to know what Marla's blood type is.

She freshened herself up before supper.

There's nothing left to talk about.

The band played for the visiting monarch.

Narendra poisoned Janos's dog.

One day she was spoken to by a stranger.

Rabin just wants to be left alone.

Stu certainly didn't sound alarmed.

We're all watching.

Well, let's talk turkey.

Her roommate didn't know where she was.

Nobody has seen him ever since.


I'm sure Carlos will lend you as much money as you need.


I was with Hillel from 8:30 to 2:30.

Do you know any doctors who speak French?

Kathy claimed that his gun was stolen the week before Skip was murdered.


You should talk to him now.

He is sure to be cut from the team.

Cops can't be everywhere.


Can I borrow your cellphone, please?

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How did she manage to do that?


Ning wants to spend the rest of his life with George.


This was so stupid.

It would be splendid if we could go there, wouldn't it?

Asia has many rural villages.

Joni has made all Mitchell's dreams come true.

I was going to call Rudolf.


There has to be a satisfactory solution to the problem.

He's a student of Japanese literature.

She was a bit late.


She is always busy.

Tell me this is going to work.

Because it's time you grew up.


Adrian closed his briefcase and handed it to Jinny.

I don't rest them against the wall.

I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's lesson.

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They'll never give up.

What did they argue about?

That's an amusing notion.

I don't know where you are going.

I would like to repay him for his kindness.


I would've helped you if you had asked.

He pays no attention to the teacher.

I suggest we take the stairs.


She has been out of work these two years.


I'm going to tell you something I've never told anybody else.

It's my favorite dish!

Tyler would like to visit us tomorrow.

The police found gunshot residue on Roberta's hands.

Can you show me how I should go home?

I'm here to protect her.

I don't yet know what we're supposed to do.

We are level-headed.

She went out with her friends.

Put it exactly where Morgan tells you to.

I'm trying to figure something out.

Just don't tell them anything.

I want people to appreciate the beauty of my native language, and I want to experience how beautiful other languages can be, too.


Roderick asked his friend, who is a draughtsman, to draw up some plans for his extension.

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I've been to neither of those places.


I was really mad.

I'm thrilled to be back.

May I borrow your eraser?

Noam and I like the same kinds of things.

We wandered aimlessly around the shopping district.

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I need it today.

How do you want to handle this situation?

I want for you and me to be happy.

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Wait till I call.

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Maybe you could talk to her.

When did Brandy find out that Sabrina was seeing John?

We will probably arrive at Tokyo station at noon.

There weren't any roses in the garden.

Keep out of my way.

Now, don't be late.

We have a lot of planning to do.

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The most instinctive act of nearly every creature is to protect its young, and with humans, this response persists for a lifetime.

I think it impossible for us to beat him.

Come on, get it off your chest.

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What books have you read in French?

If you push the button, the door will open.

Win was out of control.

Can you be ready to leave tomorrow?

Jeffie had nothing to do with the robbery.

We were glad when we saw a light in the distance.

Why not talk it over with your teacher?

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Oi you, that's too much of a rip off by anyone's count! 6:4 is more than enough. Of course I'm the '6'.

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She had not been employed two months when her ability was recognized.

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Once you have begun to do anything, never give it up.

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That's not for me to decide.

The doors opened and Sharon stepped out of the elevator.

Thank you all for coming tonight.

During droughts, farmers are barely able to eke out a living.

This storm will also pass.


Please accept this gift for the celebration on your wedding.

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Your imagination is running away with you.

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The introduction of mandatory morning sports for teachers is a very sensible idea. Ultimately something must be done to reduce the loss of lessons due to illness.

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She refused to say more about it.

Present your idea clearly.

Shame on you guys.

She treated her broken leg.

What is the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro?

They're separated.

Andre was happy to see Lanny.

Love is stupid.

Dirk is pretty friendly with them.