You are banned from entering this place.

He works hard so that he can study abroad.

She happened to have the day off.

"I'm dripping sweat." "Then make sure you take a shower!"

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I want to go with a friend to Hokkaido next month.

Don't show this to them.

I can't believe you did all this without any help.

He suffered from a bad cold.

Are you a criminal?


Something happened to my right eye.

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I get the feeling you don't really want me to win.

No risk, no reward.

Donald heard what sounded like a gunshot.

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Would you like to go have a drink after work?

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I never got the chance to thank Gypsy.

I feel different today.

What history teaches us is that men have never learned anything from it.

Yesterday, we studied English.

It looks like I must have dozed off.

Try and do better next time.

That man is in love with my sister.

Is there a desk by the window?

Barry is scared now.

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Tracy will go to school. Do you know that?

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What kind of music do you normally listen to?

Please take him with you.

Do you really think you can get away with this?

You've got to trust me on this.

I will tell you right now,.

We must avoid war by all possible means.

Do you think you're the only one in pain?


I can't afford a new car this year.

How do you like this little bronze figure?

Why are we leaving?


We kissed each other.


Killing him is the easiest solution.

I think she's interested in you.

You don't know what he told me.

I'm not taking advice from someone I don't know.

He has queer ideas.

Hitoshi spoke very quietly, but loud enough to be heard.

Is it true that you bought a house in London?


Read the bottom of the page.

I can eat anything.

Where are you going on Monday?

Krzysztof likes taking walks at night.

Dorothy has never been bored. He spends all of his free time translating sentences.

They look exhausted.

You're popular.


I shouted as loud as I could.

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"They must have been ghosts," I said.

I watched a movie with her.

It's too bright to sleep.

Socorrito! Glenn! Caleb!

Troy uses his position for personal gain.


Do not play on the roadway, it is very dangerous. Never play on the roadway!

You don't know what Randy was doing.

That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

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As soon as man is born he begins to die.

I should have come earlier.

Did anyone miss me?

Dale said he was utterly exhausted.

What have you ever done for us?

It's nice to see her so happy.

I think it's time for me to get my eyes checked.


Butler didn't attempt to reply.


Don't be a dog.

My luggage has just arrived.

He needs to come.

The only language Emma knows how to speak is French.

The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt increasingly keenly.


Anyone over eighteen years of age counts as an adult.


Get out of my life.

This book costs 20 dollars.

Maria's eyes lightened with pleasure.

The two companies plan to unite.

Stuart went swimming with his friends.

How can you say such a nonsense?

I can't control it.

The way some people see it, associating with the opposite sex is just like going to the seaside and gathering stones; everyone can pick up the ones they like.

I like what you've written, and I completely agree with you.


Mara was a tall slender young woman with dark hair.

Mother prepared us lunch.

I know you hate school.

Bill was attacked by a rabid squirrel on Halloween day.

Spyros still hasn't found what he was looking for.


Around that time I was still doing a number of days overtime.


You were so young then.

A DNA test proved she was innocent.

Soldiers must carry out their orders.

Helge can't get over what happened to Straka.

I owe you 300 dollars.

It's Saturday.

Perry eats, sleeps and breathes music.

There's plenty of blame to go around.

Quick! Quick! I hear footsteps, hide!

Danger past, God forgotten.

Gretchen neglected his duties.

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That was the worst kept secret in Washington.


Jeffie asked Van for her telephone number.


He used to be as strong as Hercules, though.

I found it something of a disappointment.

Who would have been your sweetheart if I had never met you?


Is there any possible to recharge our mobile free of cost?


That man over there asked me who I was.

It's naive of you to believe that.

Keep looking for them.

We don't work for them.

We're entitled to the facts.

We captured Kristin.

Hans thinks martial arts are silly.

I only want what's best for everyone.

The U.S. General Custer was defeated at the Battle of the Little Bighorn by Native Americans on June 25, 1876.

It's already eleven o'clock. I must be leaving now.

They're from Greece.

I didn't think about it too much.

He implored her to come back.

Claudius is making a white box for his friend.

I want to do it again.

The verdict was unfavorable.

The wine complemented the meal perfectly.


Old and I are the same age.

Check it out.

We are with you your whole life.

Moe is really motivated.

I think it's not gonna be that hard.


Jay pleaded no contest to a charge of drunken driving.

If I had been with you, I could have helped you.

This car belongs to him.


Our city police have a new campaign targeting drunken driving.

I caught a glimpse of him in the crowd.

I'm in the tennis club.

The weather report is bad.

It's a toy that the whole world knows.


Do you usually wear a bike helmet?

This is to make up for the last time.

There's a book, a pencil, and a sheet of paper on the table.

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I just don't think I'm successful enough.

He has a platinum credit card.

Is there any way I can get in touch with Ritalynne?

I told Ram that Robert was mad at him.

We've been spotted.

I am proud to work with you.

It's hard to find someone who writes Chinese as beautifully as he.

Harry managed to swim across the river.

He is a person who never cuts corners.

I knew you wanted to show me something.

If the cedars have caught fire what will the hyssops that grow out of the wall say?

He struck me in the face with his fist.

Did Sofia threaten you?

Has Kristin received an invitation yet?

I hope she sees this.

I'll get a second job.

There were strange guys at the bank this morning.

This is a picture of the airport.

They're making too much noise. I can't concentrate.

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I don't understand what I'm studying for anymore.

What else is on?

Claudius, seeing a mighty man before him, saw things looked serious and understood that here he had not quite the same pre-eminence as at Rome, where no one was his equal.

It's only her.

I started working when I was twelve.

Would you mind if we talked about this later?

Jesus bought it for an absurdly low price.

None of the money is yours.

We have to think about it.

This is a matter of the utmost importance.

I wanted to help you.