I'm warmly greeting you on Tatoeba too.

Sergio has tattoos all over his body.

I couldn't attend the party on account of illness.

My grandmother can ride a motorcycle.


This is a map which will be useful when traveling by car.

Why didn't I know that?

If he had taken his doctor's advice, he might still be alive.

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I ran across her in Mongolia, of all places.


My jeans shrank in the wash.

I will go at 10.

Tony is a polite boy.

This is going to sound completely fatuous, but it's my honest answer.

I can understand him perfectly.

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I heard the explosions.


For decades scientists warned that the accelerating sea level rise would eventually put coastlines in many countries at risk.

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He has done me many kindnesses.

I feel horrible.

People could get injured.


I might be able to help them.


I tried not to do that.


It's not my car.

Would you like some moonshine?

This year, I need to buy a car.

I hear some guy, presumably a caretaker, going "Rawr, I'm going to eat you!" from the nursery school across the street.

We celebrate the Star Festival in July.

You don't understand anything about it.

Knapper hasn't been here in a long time.

There's an orange on the table.

Patricia didn't like me very much.

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How did you come by the money?


I should be grateful if you would stay until tomorrow.

Loren visited Sanjeev, who was in the hospital with a broken bone.

That's not quite what I wanted.


Hank saw an accident on his way to school.

On this side of the mountain, it doesn't rain much.

What's there to explain?


Lee must be very hungry.

This is not going well.

Are you freezing?


I've already talked about that several times.

She used Skype frequently because she was overseas.

Aren't you going to eat breakfast?

He always tells vulgar jokes.

He is hostile to the proposal.

A big bridge was built over the river.

I'm looking for work.

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My dad gives me a weekly allowance that I use to buy comics and ice cream.

Where do you keep the booze?

They did the cooking and cleaning in the house.


Many moisturizing creams claim to have an anti-aging effect.

I think maybe you've made a mistake.

Hsuan wanted Izzy to understand why he couldn't stay.

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I can't run as fast as you.

Takayuki called Steven and asked her what year it was.

Dannie won't be able to tell you anything.


The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.


They ran away from school.


I am in the first year of high school.


The small dog crossed the road.

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Would you like a mint?

I'll consider your suggestion.

I often used to play tennis with him on Sundays.


This isn't entirely Hsuan's fault.

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He's an agronomist.

Volcanic eruptions in Tonga have created a new island.

All's clear, Boss!

Perhaps we'll have more time to talk later.

Be nice and cook for your friend.

They have to drink water.

The cops are gone.

Everything is going to be just fine.

How much do you want to bet?

What are the forms of "to be"?

I'm not coming home.


What other options are there?

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Do you doubt me?

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This is something you can fix.

Clean the barrel of this rifle.

He always speaks from notes.


It's very easy to become famous when you're very well-known.

I'm sure Trey can give you some pointers.

Maybe we should blame Jeanette for what we did.

John sleeps with his eyes open.

William glanced round the room.

Does he usually come here?

Helen is more pretty than beautiful.

Are we clear on that?

He was in the seventh heaven.

I've never needed to carry a gun.

We have enough time to eat.

Mick can ride a horse.

I tried to convince Noam.

Bush is not a supporter of war criminals.

Patience is a virtue that I don't possess.

According to what I heard after, the teacher didn't come until the end of the class.

I asked her out.


I can smell it from here.

That student runs fast, doesn't he?

That's not what happened.

You won prizes in the spelling competition, didn't you?

Niels fell asleep immediately.

Children should be seen and not heard.

We experienced a pain in our legs.

He graduated from high school this spring.

It is doubtful whether this will work.

Please do it for me.

You have cute eyes.

Tahsin is in his office listening to the radio.

Can you get Vance to a safe place?


Loyd said you wanted water.

I'm sure going to miss them.

Has he given up cigarettes?

My father told me I couldn't go abroad alone.

His head nodded, and he snored gently.

I'm going to ask him for an autograph. Do you have anything to write with?

It was Jack that I met yesterday.

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Where there are Muslims, there is oil; the opposite statement is false.

Everything flows and nothing stays still.

What did he ask you?

You remember him, don't you?

I bought a new computer to keep up with the times.


That is not my pen.

He is a sort of painter.

What a bummer!

Please be careful in Boston, OK?

You killed my mother.

Yaaaawn... I'm going to bed.

It started to rain in torrents.

She went out to buy some food.

Thank you for granting me permission.

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They are making for the forest.

Let's forget about Jin.

Did I say something funny? Did I make a joke?

She handed in a blank test.

We were just lucky this time.

He had got nationwide fame.

Croatia is called "Hrvatska" in Croatian.

Stagger met Suresh for the first time three years ago.

He already went to bed.

The patient is now out of danger.

That's my cat.

Say it again, please.

In her misery, Gill looked to her husband for help.

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Bart wondered if Vilhelm knew who his father was.

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We were outside.


Who's gone and messed up my list of names?

She wasn't able to talk to him.

The story shows us an interesting fact.

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Getting addicted to something and having too much of something are two different things.


I've got to finish this essay by tomorrow.

She felt her knees tremble.

It's time to wind up.


Do you drink beer or wine?

The weather was so cold that the lake froze over.

I am convinced of your innocence.


Have I done something to upset you?

No trace of Napoleon's waltz across Europe appears in the pastoral novels of Jane Austen.

That's all she wrote.


He likes her.