He tried to hit me last night.

The car veered from its course.

"It will be all right, Christian." "No, it won't."

Children are full of energy.


My Mercedes is bigger than yours.

You don't explain, why do you hate Esperanto.

It was good news.


Jews, Christians and Moslems, we all are children of God.


We're trying to restrain them.


I have a thesis to write.


You can see that mountain's perpetual snow from here.

When I speak Japanese, I sound like a child.

Have you got a cold now?

We have a small chance to win.

Andy can be the farmer!

This battery is charged.

I don't feel much like laughing.

Chris had to take care of Kristian.

Emil is pretty good at chess.


I never saw such a woman.


Mick is our oldest child and Charley is the youngest.

You don't have to be embarrassed.

Sorry, the flight is already full.

There's no need to wait.

Praised be the sun god!

You're too nervous.

No longer mourn for me when I am dead / Than you shall hear the surly sullen bell / Give warning to the world that I am fled.

Shakespeare created many famous characters.

I only want him.


The moment she saw me, she burst out crying.

Don't forget to call him.

It's very hot inside.

I wish there were another way.

I still have to get the rest of my stuff out.

We have to stop him.

Can you give us your thoughts on that?


Leave me alone now.

Mickey's finished.

Sugih is laughing at Sir.


I don't have enough credits to graduate.

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I couldn't wait for Morris.


Socorrito didn't waste his time talking to Rolf.

How do you account for this fact?

Dori asked Noemi what he should do next.


See things as they are.

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Do you already know what to do?

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Heinrich didn't marry the girl his parents wanted him to.

How do I do it?

The blade of my knife is very keen.

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We should let Rusty get back to work.

He stole my heart.

Marian grabbed his umbrella and headed for the elevator.

I don't think people should make a mountain of a mole hill.

She is rich, but she isn't happy.

Living as I do in a remote village, I seldom have visitors.

Our school begins at eight-thirty.


I wonder why Ricardo ever wanted to marry Ti.

I've seen her naked before.

We weren't able to reach Carol.


That last lecture was so boring. I was on the verge of falling asleep through most of it.

Naresh knows how to play the guitar.

Gimme three.

I prefer mature cheese.

Edmund died at a very old age.

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Dannie has paid the bill.

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My hair is tangled.


For some reason, she couldn't sleep.

Why did you buy the same camera I have?

Because of a shortage of work, half the staff was discharged.

Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.

He was elected president.

You don't have to be perfect all the time.

Nothing is more disappointing than to lose in the finals.

The day will come soon when we will be able to predict earthquakes.

Don't be surprised.

The banker went to jail for fraud.

That was again completely wrong!

Cathrin said you were good at skiing.

Cut into long thin strips.

What did I just watch?

Mr. Bergerac, I'm your cousin.

It's not so good.

I think I've understood everything you said.

We haven't seen a lot tourists around here lately.

We walked on the banks of the Thames.

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I know why Ross is in trouble.

In 1983, Guion Bluford became the first black American to enter space.

He derives pleasure from attending concerts.


I didn't ask you to come back.

Could I ask you to wait until tomorrow morning?

Smith replied that he was sorry.


Are you coming to pick me up?


The convention voted.

I don't like to eat fish with many bones.

When did I ever hurt you?


Some of the things he said got under my skin.

I owe my life to them.

Don't play coy with me.

I didn't keep her waiting.

Are there young people who speak your language?

Few of my friends have two cars.

Do your work quickly.

Michael goes to the barber less than four times a year.

Jesus Christ is my Savior.

I'm only doing what needs to be done.

We need to keep bacteria out of food.

The committee divided into five sections.

I'm completely over it.


The Three Forks is a bar serving beer, and its target audience are travellers.

The coalition force fired at her car at the checkpoint in Bagdad.

I'm so drunk now that I'm seeing two keyboards.


I asked the teacher which was the better.

On warm days, bears stretch out or lie on their backs with their feet in the air.

I can make sure that doesn't happen again.

That was why the city was named Rome.

Shel was given a medal.

Your problems are similar to mine.

The rabbits are timid.

Not less than fifty passengers were injured in the traffic accident.

I'd like two singles for three nights from the 21st for about sixty dollars a night.

A genius is a person with extraordinary creative abilities.

I just discovered this website and I think it's fantastic!

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To start with, I must thank you for your help.

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I can't be pushed off the path because I don't know where I'm going.

Stick your finger through your throat!

We are waiting for Raif.

We cannot exist without food.

It's time to get some work done.

That would be the best.

After a storm comes the calm.

What's her nationality?

I'll call Hwa back.

We've endured three wars.

She has a bit of a bad temper.

It made me feel better.

Chip was reluctant to talk about it.

With such friends, one needs no enemies.

The meeting was called off as there was no hope of agreement on either side.


John likes chess.

The skin of a shark is much rougher than that of a tuna fish.

So far there has been only one participant who won one million Israeli Shekels in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in Israel.

Do you have any in green?

I came to know him.

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Where are we going after?


Srikanth called around 2:30.

Bryce is going to come back here tonight.

I'll add the finishing touches.

Why not tomorrow?

Didn't your doctor tell you that you shouldn't drink while you're taking anti-depressants?

We call our English teacher E.T.

There's no need to change the oil every 3000 miles.


I find his words strange, do you?

Are you ready to celebrate?

Everybody's suspicious.

That is undoubtedly a success.

You fool, I had to do it!

We're not really brothers.

If you want to marry me you need to get on your knees and give me a ring.

I looked around for a weapon just in case.

Wolf is looking good.


Be kind to her.

I crumbled one.

A fight broke out between two schoolboys.


They knew that doing their work cheerfully is the only way to make routine work bearable.