When will that be?

Think about your brother!

I don't know whether I've got the chutzpah to try it.

This has been enjoyable.

Out of consideration to the pig farming industry the name 'pig influenza' has been changed into 'influenza A(H1N1)'.

Press the green button to play the video and the red one to stop it.

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I am not nice, I am merciful.


Take a look, Ranjit.

The captain breathed new life into his tired crew.

I talk with Anatoly and Kevin all the time.

I have not been to New Zealand.

She's been learning German for a year now.

Do not open the present yet.

I left my keys on the table; could you fetch them for me?

He is a waiter in a seaside restaurant.

I think that's a good idea.

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A translator has to be detailed.

I'd rather go for a walk than see the movie.

Roy doesn't like people who smoke in no smoking areas.

I don't mind making a few changes to the plan.

Cathy and Lars were friends.

Telephone and facsimile numbers will not change.

You are forbidden from talking to him.

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This is a fine ship.


Have you given Allen what he asked for?


Don't ever talk to me like that again.


You just sit there and wait until Dustin gets back.


Lisa says he'll come to the party.

You're amusing.

Kevyn might've forgotten about us.

PDA is not allowed at school.

The anniversary of the assassination of Itzhak Rabin is a national mourning day.

I was introduced to everyone else at dinner.

There's only room for one.

Why don't you give me a break?

I felt the engine running.


I want him to be arrested.

What would you do if the world were to come to an end tomorrow?

Squirrels are very good climbers.


Where could I see you?


We suffered from a great many troubles.

They don't work at night.

Your lives are in danger if you stay here.

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I told him to work hard or he would fail.

I helped her escape.

Now, I finally have enough money to buy a house.

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I don't remember anything about my past lives.

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He had excess water in his lungs.

Teresa has explained the problem to Giovanni.

I'm not Uyghur. I'm Russian.

This desk is designed for children.

Since he didn't come, I didn't go either.

Whether he comes or not, either way I will inform you.

Any problem can be solved if you are persistent and patient.

How much do you make a month?

Do you want to say goodbye?

Yumi will use this camera tomorrow afternoon.

Could you just hurry?

Tracey tells me you're his assistant.

He decided to put off his departure.


Please, let me out! I will be good, I promise!

Where should we pitch the tent?

That man over there asked me who I was.

Pierre worked as a carpenter in Boston, Massachusetts.

He is a scientist and musician.


The problem was how to drive quickly and safely to the house.

To make matters worse, he fell ill.

'needless to say' is often introduced as an idiomatic expression in the infinitive.

He's the new intern.

He seems to have been rich.

Leave it alone!

Every summer, we go camping.

Why was he laughing?

In the late eighteenth century, a passport for an American was usually signed by the President of the United States.


At last, Griff recovered her senses.

Tait's computer keeps crashing.

Colin and Lord sat in silence.

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She really doesn't like dogs.


He can't be hungry. He's just had lunch.


Dani will show up sooner or later.

This patient's life is in danger.

Ramesh wanted to comfort Harvey.

I am more worried about you than the future of Japan.

I'm a beginner in French.


Lawrence wondered what happened to Rolfe.


Take a look at all the photographs!


The cogs are whirring loudly.

We're losers.

Why did you sneak up on me?

They walked for ten miles, rested for ten minutes, then walked again.

Please lend me your dictionary.

Jerome was whistling in the dark to belie how terrified he was to be alone in the house which was rumoured to be haunted.

He does not watch TV at all.

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I couldn't meet his expectations.

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And if I lose thy love, I lose my all.


Russians never smile.

Who wouldn't want to live here?

We couldn't allow his claim.

Antony left this morning without finishing his breakfast.

Murat, there's something I want to give you.

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Gigi said I could stay.

Kyle and Patricia pitched their tent near the stream.

The fear we felt at the earthquake was beyond description.

Sigurd's pulse is fast.

That won't make me happy.

His shot didn't carry well against the wind.

Why aren't you married?


If you follow me, I'll show you the way to the hospital.

I shouldn't have gotten so angry.

At one time I was saying I want to become a novelist.


Bruno didn't regret saying no.

I knew I felt something.

She often sits there reading a book.


Suzanne has lived here for thirty years.

Nobody wants to come to your party.

He's a foreigner. He doesn't understand what we're saying.

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What do you do when you're not helping Allan?


Her wet clothes stuck to her body.

Beth crushed the can.

Shota said that he was shy about seeing her.

Are there two windows in your room?

Bill shouted that he was all right.

This is not a discovery, everybody knows it!

I think that will be all for today.

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This steel is stainless.

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Perhaps Vilhelm was wrong.


How's it coming?

Julius is unconscious.

Amos sent Belinda a Christmas card.

He was eaten up with guilt.

The plant ranges from the north of Europe to the south.

It's the biggest house in the neighborhood.

Did you finish your homework?

But in many ways, the bird called Alex is unusual, for it has shown the kind of mental abilities that scientists once thought only humans had.

I must admit that I've never heard of it.

Spock is playing on his gamecube.

I have a whole lot of ideas.

I don't like the house he lives in.

Anton looks just like his dad.


There must be something at the back of the matter.

Mark's been living in Boston since he was six.

You shouldn't give the same weight to opinions as you do to facts.


She wants to spend time with her daughter.

My hometown is in the center of Hokkaido.

They are not fond of pets.

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All of a sudden, large drops of rain began falling from the dark sky.

Kerri says he needs to ask Darren who's coming with us on the picnic.

Fathers are indeed good to their children!

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Jelske must've been here earlier.


The largest single meteorite found in the United States is the fifteen ton Willamette (Oregon) iron meteorite found in 1902.

Wombat is a typical australian animal.

He left no stone unturned to carry out the plan.

I didn't see that.

Your answer almost amounts to a threat.

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My friend was shot.

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Eventually the cruel man was sentenced to jail.

When did they register the names of the members?

I try to write at least three blog entries a week.