We want to talk with them.

A sensible man wouldn't say such a thing in public.

I believed him to be in good health.

We're talking about what to do about what happened a couple of days ago.

Far be it from me to criticize, but your dress is rather loud.

I want you to start taking things seriously.

Not knowing what to answer, I kept silent.

This will have to wait.

Take your time, folks.

This heavy workload is too much for me.

That was the last thing I wanted to do.


The little bumpkin bought a big pumpkin.

The water's ice cold.

My sister shelled the beans.


I'm going to get on the next bus.


I am out of work.

From data gathered by the Viking 1 and 2 probes, we know that the Martian surface is covered by various rocks and a soil which is rich in an iron-laden clay. The presence of iron explains the planet's reddish-orange appearance.

I agree with them that we should try again.

I was really apathetic at first.

Tomorrow I will buy what I need.


My shoulder really aches.

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Do you find Daniele attractive?


Um...am I mistaken in some way?


He is my friend whose name is John.

I won't divorce you unless you give me a legitimate reason.

Terri is likely to be cut from the team.

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I don't expect a lot.

Sanjay knocked on the door again.

You aren't allowed in there.


You're gorgeous.


I'm leaving tomorrow.


We must help them.


The girls please me.

They're staring at each other.

Don't worry. I'll talk to them.


It doesn't seem like you will become a singer, but it never hurts to take a few voice lessons.

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Trevor doesn't know Lea at all.

I've got Harry's address.

I'm not having them drink.


I thought Phiroze would never show up.

And now, what am I going to do?

Memorize this paragraph until you can say it fluently.

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They announced an increase in tuition fees.

Eric thinks Sehyo is guilty.

But he really wanted a son.

I thought we all had plans tonight.

You said you were going to hire me.

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I have a first aid kit in the bathroom.


I could be a suspect.

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I thought Wade wasn't going to be working today.


You can enter the library freely.


What were you going to say?


You have to pick one.

He saturated himself with sunshine.

Tell me why you thought I didn't like Jeffrey.

Tell Rainer you can't do it.

Since PlayStation 2 came out the game software store shelves have bloomed riotously with colorful new titles.


He wants me to help him with a school project.

I took a casual look at the magazine.

Should he know the fact, he would be astonished.


No one left.

Good day, how may I help you?

Diana was three years old when this picture was taken.


Get a load of this.

Inflation was controlled.

This sentence has the wrong flag. It should be changed.

Did you close your bedroom's door?

I dreamt a dream last night, about silk and fine cloth or about equality and fair trial.

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Americans call it the Vietnam War; the Vietnamese call it the American War.

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I love everything about Brendan.


She found the experience enjoyable.

I can't look at this anymore.

As a test pilot, Neil Armstrong made 7 flights in the X-15 aircraft. He was able to attain an altitude of 63,198 meters (207,500 feet).

I must speak to you.

An opponent of limited dimensions can often be quite diverting.


We went to the coast for our summer vacation.

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Let me have another look at that.

Did anyone hear John leave the house?

Do you want to play soccer with us?

We're not doing anything you wouldn't approve of.

We really need Jean-Christophe back.

I asked her for some advice.

She looks happiest when she is with him.

The population of this town has been static for the last ten years.

What can I tell Naresh that he doesn't already know?

I hope Samir does that for us.

It did happen.

She loves reading self-esteem sentences.

Marcel didn't have the nerve to tell the truth.

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I gave him a ride on my hairy motor-scooter.

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Have you made any progress?


There are some pictures on the wall.

Inferiority complexes are more common than we think.

Next time, you won't be so lucky.

Joubert doesn't sing so much anymore.

She got him to drive.

I took a shower this morning.

Why don't you cut Phillip a little slack?

Did that make her mad?

I know it's impossible.

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It was stupid. We never should have done it.

The two girls, quite unconstrained and careless, danced in the freedom and gaiety of their hearts.

Knock, and it will be opened to you.


Leigh is currently in prison for tax fraud.

I think Manny can help us do that.

I'm going to run fifteen kilometers today!


Kathryn is still living in Boston, isn't he?

It's my firm belief that Oliver is not gay.

It was just water.

I am peeling apples.

Galen is with a customer.

I never lied to you.

Referring to short people as "the vertically challenged" is political correctness running wild.


You guys should really be wearing safety glasses.

Can anybody hear me?

Fill it, please.

It is the factory, my brother works in.

Let me google that for you.

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They wouldn't understand.

What a pity.

There is no need to be frightened. He won't harm you.


He knows how to console people.


She remembers her long journey.


Little birds are singing merrily in the trees.


I don't have time to explain in detail.


When comparing two vector quantities of the same type, you have to compare both the magnitude and the direction.


Marion wants to fight.


The butcher cut up the calf's carcass.


He's afraid of that dog.


I want to see the roses.


She has been busy since last week.


To be sure.

You nearly broke my jaw.

I could come right out and ask Tharen what we all want to know.

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Go shave, you'll look better.


Steve neglected his family.


"The sorcerer disguises himself as a beast, he wears a hide over his head and walks around town. It's my daddy who told me that."

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I try not to get too involved in the games I watch on TV, but I always end up in a bad mood if my favorite team loses.

We need to find out what time Vassos will be arriving.

Vinod made a polite bow to me.


Monica was caught in the rain and his new suit got ruined.

During the second glass, he became talkative.

I was just about to go out, when the bell rang.