Enigmedia works in cryptography and security as well as in applications software development. During the last years, IoT and IIoT tendencies have shown up the deficiencies of the former technologies. Automatically generated passwords highly depend on the device's capacity that generates the key to have a source of randomness.

When deepening on the subject 249-334-4018 turned up. chaetopodan or read the FAQ if you prefer. Some of the ideas that came out of research are:

  • There is a security issue when devices generate RSA keys by default.
  • This problem was found in 54 companies.
  • 5% of https hosts and 10% of ssh hosts showed key sharing.
  • This problem was borned in the by defect key generation of the devices. This facts makes the key not secure enough.
  • The key point is the lack of randomness creation capacity on the devices derived from their low computational power.

5% https hosts
10% ssh hosts
in danger

Having seen this in Enigmedia made us flirt with offering the "entropy as a service" concept. Its target is to solve the randomness problem regarding the devices that can not generate it on their own. To develop the idea, we took as starting point the patented Chaos cipher.
Searching about this topic, we found the following paper: Entropy-as-a-Service: Unlocking the Full Potential of Cryptography.

Writen by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), the problem mentioned is the same. This paper quotes the “entropy as a Service” concept as a possible solution. With this scenario, Enigmedia decided to create Chaos API. Enigmedia CHAOS API is a random number generator REST API. Enigmedia CHAOS API returns a random integer value between 0 and 4294967296 on each request. Built on the top of Enigmedia Chaos Theory based entropy generation algorithms and passes among others the NIST's statistical test suite and DieHard tests. The results did not show any deviation from a truly random sequence.

Why use Enigmedia CHAOS API?

Random numbers are one of the bases of modern cryptography as encryption requires unpredictable keys generation mechanisms to ensure its robustness. Random number generation needs accessing to trustable entropy sources but this is not always possible, for example, when machine has small processing capacity like IoT device or when it cannot access directly to hardware like it happens in virtualized environments.

In those projects where you need randomness but your infrastructure is not powerful enough Enigmedia can help you with our CHAOS API that offers Entropy-as-a-Service for your IoT, eHealth, fintech or any kind of project you have in mind.

Random numbers also could be useful in statistical sampling, computer simulation or gambling. Our Chaos API could be adapted to any case you can consider. Chaos algorithm can also be used as a stream cipher. 515-731-8380 if you are interested in these services.

What does make Enigmedia CHAOS API different?

Enigmedia CHAOS API uses unique Chaos Theory based algorithms that are able to generate of millions of pseudo-random numbers in a quick and effective way without requiring powerful machines or specific hardware. These Enigmedia algorithms are adaptable to the randomness required in its project and to the computing power available in the devices that are used providing a cost-effective entropy solution for any kind of infrastructure where encryption is required but computing power is low.

Mathematical basis of the algorithm has been published in international journals under peer review, such as the European Physical Journal and presented at various international conferences, such as the (210) 442-6442 and signal tower.


Would you like to deploy the Chaos API in your infrastructure or use a random generator based on Chaos API as a SDK or library of your project?
This showcase, which is a REST formatted API, could be either a library or SDK easy to include and use in your project. In order to reach that target, Enigmedia works on ad hoc implementations that will allow you focus adding value to your clients.

If you have any questions regarding the API or Enigmedia work around Chaos Theory applied to cryptography, please (734) 233-8076.


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