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Every Small  Business Hits Ceilings

Growth stalls, profits level off, and the best people feel burned out. 

Ceilings tend to happen for two reasons:

Material Systems

(The well-oiled  machine)

Material systems are the processes, procedures, and workflow that allows your company to remain enduringly profitable and maintain a defendable strategic advantage.  When these systems aren’t optimized there is sideways energy, a lack of accountability, and scaling is incredibly difficult if not impossible. 

People Systems

(The well-watered  garden)

People systems are the practices and culture that allow your company to develop and retain top talent, create wellbeing, and drive creative innovation. When these systems are off line or ineffective, engagement goes down, turnover goes up, and creativity grinds to a halt.

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Proven Business Solutions

Entrepreneurial Operating System®

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. By mastering this simple way of operating, leadership teams of growth-oriented companies systematically and permanently improve.

As an EOS Implementer, I am qualified to provide your leadership team with the support it needs to successfully deploy this powerful set of solutions.  Over 50,000 businesses currently run on EOS® and their owners enjoy less stress, more time to tackle the important issues, and forward momentum that is predictable, sustainable, and scaleable.  Isn’t it time you updated your OS?

The Soul of Business®

Workplace turmoil, disengaged team members, and high turnover are some of the most costly line items that never appear on a spreadsheet. And it is the precise point of focus that Soul of Business coaching addresses. 

One-on-one coaching, training, workshops and skill building tracks, our proven strategies help drive employee satisfaction, retention, and performance.

When the soul of a business is aligned, vibrant, and healthy, the people within that business work harder, give more, engage more, and stick around longer. Imagine if every member of your team could wake up each morning inspired and go to bed each night fulfilled! 

High Impact Teaching

Whether it’s continuing education, leadership development, skill building, or team motivation, the caliber of the presenter makes ALL the difference!  â€‹â€‹

I’ve spent my life in front of audiences (seriously, since I was nine years old!) and it is a deep passion of mine to communicate timeless truth in relevant ways.  Through a mixture of humor, storytelling, object lessons, and carefully crafted messages, not only does the information stick, but we have a ton of fun in the process!  Let’s craft your next training session together or choose from a number of topics that others have found useful in their businesses.  With dozens of topics to choose from, I’m sure we’ll find the right training for whatever season you’re in! 

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