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    about 6 hours ago by Chris   See: HB Racing New from HB Racing is the D819 Nitro Buggy kit. The latest iteration of the World Champion line of buggies from HB Racing, the D819 adds the latest high performance parts to keep it ahead of the competition. Topping the kit is the new JConcepts Silencer S15 clear body, a popular choice for the HB team drivers. A new machined aluminum engine mount is now a 1 piece design for simplicity, weight savings, and improved reliability. Mounting the engine and setting the gear mesh is easier than ever with the innovative new asymmetric engine mount cams. A heavy duty machined & lightened…

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    Beatrice Egli nächste Kandidatin für Bachelorette?

    Bald geht es wieder los mit der neuen Staffel “The Bachelorette”. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf die Tränen, den Müll und die Testosteron-Schleudern – und wir geben sofort unsere Vorschläge, wer die neue Rosenkavalierin werden wird. Beatrice Egli, die Wundertüte Unser Schweizer Schlager-Schätzli Beatrice Egli, 30, liebt es, in Liebesaffären zu sein. Vor fünf Jahren kam die große Liebe mit ihrem ehemaligen Freund Reto. Nach fünf Jahren zusammen beschlossen die “DSDS” -Siegerin und ihr Partner, getrennte Wege zu gehen. Seitdem ist nicht viel zu Eglis Liebesleben durchgesickert. Es gab einen Freund für ein halbes Jahr, den sie nicht mehr verraten wollte. Außerdem Gerüchte über eine mögliche Affäre zwischen dem…

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    Zerotech Hesper Foldable Drone Launched: A Disappointing Successor

    Chinese drone maker renown for their successful Zerotech Dobby selfie drone, now released a drone that we can definitely say in inspired by DJI’s Mavic series – the Zerotech Hesper. Let’s learn more about the drone. The Zerotech Hesper is a foldable drone with lots of interesting feature, bust – sadly – none of them make it standout from the competition. The quadcopter does feature a gimbal, but it being only on one axes, makes it quite obsolete when compared to the DJI Spark with 2 and the Mavic Air with 3. Other features include built-in storage to record videos directly on the drone without the need of an additional…

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    Model Airplane News editor Gerry Yarrish is an active RC model builder and is constantly working on something in his workshop. This workshop update shows some details from his current project a giant scale WW I Nieuport 24 French biplane. Built to a scale of 27.5% Gerry’s N24 is a traditional build albeit a big one. Here are some photos from this past weekend. This past weekend, Gerry assembled and setup all the attachment brackets and hard-points for the Nieuport’s tail surfaces. If you would like to see this and other exclusive online content, Click Here and subscribe to the Model Airplane News Premium website.  …

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    Tekno RC Welcomes Jared Tebo -NeoBuggy.net – Offroad RC Car News

    about 6 hours ago by Chris   See: Tekno RC Tekno RC have announced the signing of Jared Tebo to their team. Not only is Jared regarded as one of the best drivers in the world, but as a former world champion his experience will further their mission to produce the best RC vehicles on the market. Jared will be racing as well as assisting in the setup and development of the Tekno’s entire lineup of 1/8th and 1/10th vehicles. Look for him to represent Tekno RC at major races around the world and many races local to you. Jared had this to say: “I am beyond excited to be joining…

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    FQ777 FQ31W Wifi FPV Foldable Drone on Sale

      Chinese drone maker FQ777 is back in the game with a new really interesting and affordable drone – the FQ777 FQ31W. Keep reading if you were on the lookout for an inexpensive piece of fun tech. The F!31Q comes with four foldable arms which make it pretty easy to carry around. It sports altitude hold mode function for a stable flight as well as WiFi to transmit videos and photos in real time from the drone directly to your smartphone.  E P I C Camera Drones  on sale! (limited time) The drone also comes with Headless Mode, which is an easy to fly mode for beginners, it features a 6-axis gyro…

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    Gigantic Aluminum Overcast – 19ft. B-17 Flying Fortress Takes Flight

    When it comes to WW II bombers, the B-17 Flying Fortress is the recognized icon for all heavy bombers This video shows off the giant scale RC “Aluminum Overcast” B-17, piloted by Peter Pfeffer “Peda” Maßstab. The 1/5.6-scale Flying Fortress has a 19 foot wingspan, is 14 feet long and took four years to build. Over 41 inches tall at the top of the vertical fin, the impressive bomber is built using traditional balsa and plywood construction techniques, has scale retractable landing gear and flaps and weighs in at 187 pounds. Powered by four 42cc gas engines, the radio gear is from Weatronic. Video courtesy of…

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    Pro-Line PRO-Fusion SC 4×4 Short Course Truck kit -NeoBuggy.net – Offroad RC Car News

    See: Pro-Line Pro-Line have introduced the new PRO-Fusion SC 4×4 Short Course Truck Ready-To-Build kit. Based on the PRO-MT 4×4 platform and was designed from the ground up to be extreme and versatile. The PRO-Fusion SC 4×4 comes as a Ready-To-Build kit, so you build it to your specifications by following the included Instruction Manual. Choose your body, tyres and wheels based on what you plan to do with your truck: Hardcore Bash with 2.8” Monster Truck tyres on 17mm 2.8” wheels and a Monster Fusion body, or race with Short Course tyres on 17mm SC wheels and a Flo-Tek Fusion body. Next you just paint your body with your favorite paint…

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    In den letzten Tagen und Wochen gab es viele Spekulationen. Nun hat Barbara Schöneberger im Interview Rede und Antwort gestanden. Barbara, wie kam es zu dem schnellen Erfolg? „Sie sind ja häufiger unterwegs als die Kanzlerin, oder habe ich eine falsche Wahrnehmung? Wie schaffen Sie das mit Kindern?“, wundert sich eine Anhängerin von Barbara Schöneberger, die schreibt, selbst dreifache Mutter zu sein. Tatsächlich vereint die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Moderatorin Kinder und Karriere scheinbar mit links. Und das ist wirklich eine tolle Leistung. Offenbar gönnt sich die Moderatorin neben ihren sportlichen Aktivitäten auch jede Menge Ruhe, damit sich ihr Körper erholen kann. Barbara, wie stark muss man sich einschränken? Ich halte mich strikt an die…

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    JJRC just launched a drone that does resemble a lot the JJRC Elfe, which itself was a copy of the much more expensive Zerotech Dobby. This latest iteration comes with some improved hardware so, if you already like the Elfie drone, you might wanna learn more about the new toy. JJRC H62’s main selling point is obviously the foldable design, which makes it quite compact when folded. In its tiny size, the H62 is still able to record 720p videos with beauty mode, it can do hoovering and automatically capture 360 degree photos so that you can have a really wide view of your surroundings. The drone features optical flow…