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Progressive Sikh Foundation aims to provide

Sikhi Stewardship

and strive to promote Sikhi, sikh values and economic success in rural punjab.

Progressive Sikh Foundation aims to support Sikhs of rural Punjab.

Progressive Sikh Foundation has many different projects and programs to support youth groups in rural Punjab. We strive to promote Sikhi in Punjabi Sikhs as well as help them meet society's many needs. Our primary focus is to provide education opportunities and guidance, create avenues for economical pursuit, and promote Sikhi in Sikh youth of Punjab.

Our Mission

Progressive Sikh Foundation will focus on six key objectives to promote Sikhi, Sikh values, and to provide education service to youth communities. The objectives are noted below:

  • To create a community of learners
  • To disseminate Sikh wisdom and guidance
  • To promote spiritual growth in the community
  • To empower youth to fulfill Sikh values
  • To provide educational framework and guidance
  • To prepare youth to pursue and meet economical opportunities


Campers enjoy a week-long experience with fellow Sikh youth in a safe and engaging space. Camp Vikas teaches Gurmat, Kirtan, and Gatka. Campers are also encouraged to have socially conscious discussions that affect their daily lives in Punjab.


Many students have the potential to achieve greatness but do not have the resources or support to get there. PSF helps Punjab youth by not only paying for school fees, but working to educate the whole child. We set up after-school tuition and provide extra-curricular options. We also give guidance to students on how to pursue their future.